Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I have ordered a full bedroom with mattress & a full living room sets from Ashley-Clarence Ave.Saskatoon, Order No: 0772644620 dated 14-June-2013 with a confirmed delivery date on 10-July-13, no one contacted us all that time & when July 10th come without any delivery I called the store, to my surprise the lady said that she don’t know when & asked me to call again next week! I called 2 days ago & she said that she still not sure but it will not be before second week of August!

So I decided to pay the store a visit yesterday, only by then I realized why this is all happening, because you have appointed the WOREST store manager I have ever seen!

He was absolutely a rude unhelpful person with an unacceptable attitude, he didn’t offer any help & didn’t even apologize for the delays, he left me talking and went into his office leaving me with the poor lady trying to give some baseless explanations about why it was delayed & when I even asked for only the bed & mattress as we are having already some real back pains she said she can’t do that either & he did not offer her any support to help.. His name is Dion Thompson and I am submitting an OFFICAL COMPLAINT against him.You are the WORST furniture store in Canada and this is the WORST shopping experience I have ever been into, I TOTALLY REGRET it and I WILL MAKE SURE NO ONE I KNOW WILL EVER REPEAT THIS MISTAKE AGAIN, I WILL GIVE YOU THE WORST REPUTATION EVER.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Mattress.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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We have also had an awful experience with this manager. He is rude argumentative and not at all about pleasing the customer.

Ashley furniture is the worst furniture store with horrible customer service and horrible junky products. We will never shop there again and warn all consumers not to as well


He'll get what he deserves and I'll laugh about it not only now.. But tthen. Worst store manager will slip up soon enough.


I find this hard to believe. I have had dealing with the management staff many times and they solved any issue I had very quicky.Good group.


I have always enjoyed my experience at Ashley's. Very friendly and helpful staff. Love my furniture.


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Can you get in touch with me?

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