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I bought a leather sectional at Ashley Furniture Homestore at Carle Place, NY in April, 2008 along with a 5 year protection plan for peace of mind. Two years later, leather is peeling on sectional.

I contacted the protection plan company and peeling leather is not covered in plan because according to them it's not an accidental damage but malfunction damage. I contacted the store and they can not do anything for me because my 1 year warranty is over. Now i am stuck with a $3000 peeling leather sectional that is not worth two bucks. I feel that Ashley furniture did not take responsibility for their poor quality furniture I paid for.

Leather should not be peeling, and more so after just 2 years of use. I will never purchase anything else from Ashley because they did not stand by their saying in the contact that states they sell qualify furniture for the price.

I emailed them my complaint weeks ago and no one has gotten back to me. Not surprised.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Warranty.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Ashley furniture bicast leather couch is badly peeling on one of the cushions on the back. It is less than a year old.

Very dissapointed.

The worst part is that I can't find a good way to repair it other than paint which still looks bad. I will spend my money on a more durable product next time.


My Ashley couch is less than 2 years old and is peeling. It looks horrible and despite my buying the warranty and them telling me it would be covered I would learn that peeling is in fact not covered.

I will never by Ashley furniture again!


Same issue here, first rep came out and said he could do a patch job but wouldn't be pretty, 4 weeks later next tier service rep came and 10 seconds so this is normal wear n tear and not covered!

We have original receipt, made a claim with-in 48 hrs and documented everything, they are sending a new cushion but its completed attached, so when they cant figure out how to install it maybe they will change it out, which they should have done from the start. Feel mis-led and lied too.


Having similar problem. Mine is almost three years old and is dark brown.

The left side is peeling (almost bare) and the right side is starting. Is there a remedy for this?


Ashley sucks! My 1year old sectional is also peeling!

I clean it once a week so you can't blame on that you dumb sales reps!! The fact is that Ashley sells *** furniture! We need all get together and file a law suit against this piece *** store! I for myself I am getting help from Rick Romero from ABC news!

I am beyond pissed with this *** store!!

Safeguard warranty you are the biggest joke there is! Ashley need to go out if business so the can stop ripping peor off!


Our sectional is peeling as well and only 2 years old! Never again will I buy durablend.

We paid for the 5 year plan as well. It is only on one half of the sectional so I hate having to get rid of the whole thing but the one side is almost completely peeled. Pieces of it are every where so I am constantly picking up pieces! What a rip off!...Cleaning had nothing to do with it.

We also but the protection cleaner package and took care of it.

Nobody really even sits on the part where it originally started peeling. Bottom line, don't waste your money on this pleather material and just pay extra for the real stuff.


I agree with everyone here. My durablend is cracking too.

Ive had issues beyond their repair. At the time they offered gas cards with purchases over certain amounts. This convinced me to pay Ashley's furnitures higher prices. They never honored the gas card and refused to refund the amount of the gas card, or even give store credit towards future purchases.

At one point I asked for a measly 100 dollars to appease the 1000+ dollars in value I was promised, and they still refused. Terrible company.


You think possibly that Trent, Geno , and Gary might work for Ashley? Same peeling and cracking going on with my sectional and it is occurring in sections that never get used.

Poor idea that was sold as a alternative to leather for minimum cost savings. Associate from the store said that we should expect seven years or more from our furniture.

Thinking of getting a recording of the whole sales pitch and speaking with an attorney. The store and Elite warranty are turning out to be not so Elite.


I have experienced the same thing. Thank you to all of you have bashed those who have been ripped off.

Of course you know nothing. I had the same problem, cleaned my furniture, bla bla bla. Problem is that it is NOT real leather, but a product called bicast leather. Ridiculous idea, and doesn't last.

I was told I purchased a leather sofa, and got leather covering on man made material. It is ILLEGAL to sell in New Zealand, Netherland, and UK. But legal here. Lucky us.

Sorry about your loss. Sorry about mine too.


mbeard - I emailed them twice and on the second attempt i got an email from them with another email address I should forward my complain too. email is: with pictures and my story.

2 to 3 days later i get a call from the store that someone will come by to see the sofa.

they arrived took pictures and said that the store will call me. That was a week from today, i'm still waiting for their call.


i had the same promble with my leather sofa and i also bough the protection plan they gave me the run around for months then told me to email a picture to them when i sent the picture the same day they asked for it. they said from the looks of it the problem had been going on for some time so they would not fix it i told them i called when it first started and i had been trying to get it fixed for months they would not do anything i called them and emailed them but they would not fix it


:sigh BEWARE IF YOU TRY TO GET A REFUND ON YOUR FURNITURE. Ashley's lies alot about how they refund and their merchandise.

Ashley's misrepresented a product we paid CASH for not credit card. When we found out that the item was not what we were told it was (represented as pure leather and turned out to be durablend) We cancelled our sale. We were told to come into the store and they would gladly refund our cash to us that day. Well low and behold when we got to the store the policy is that you will receive your refund by mail in 7 - 14 business days of "processing".

This is not shown any where in the store or on the sales receipt. When questioned it was explained that is our (Ashleys)policy. So after lengthy discussion with their corporate office and store we had to agree to a expidited refund, a promise that we would recieve our refund in 7 days (not business days). Well here it is 14 days and no check.

A call to service states well it was not even processed until 8 days after cancellation and it will take 21 business days for refund. As the refund has 7 more steps to go thru before it would be issued. Explaining that it goes to Phoenix, Az from there to Wisconsin, from there to a third party processer, which then sends it back to Wisconsin, who then sends it to Phoenix, who then we assume sends it to your local store who then send it by mail to you.

Then stating that if you don"t receive with in the next 18 days call us and we will track it. So here we are sitting without our furniture or the money to go and buy new furniture.


To Gary, Geno and Trent. You are ridiculous.

Even heavy abused leather holds up. It will crack and such but even if you don't clean it, it should last. This is a tanning issue and Ashley should take care of it. Have any of you even bought expensive leather furniture or are you just talking out your .....

From the way you talk, I have to imagine early 20's and living in a cheap apartment, or with Ma and Pa. This forum is not about bashing the consumer who is trying to help you in the long run.


Of course Ashley aint going to call you. There not going to warrant your furniture for something you caused.

Clean your leather lady.

Quit blaming people for your mess. Some people are way dumb these days.


If Your new car got dirty over time would you complain to the dealer?

Clean your Leather people stop blaming somebody that you cant keep your stuff clean.


If you never clean your leather its foing to peel. it gets full of body oils and dirt.

If you dont remove it every 3 times a year, its going to peel.

Iam sure you take a bath every day to clean your skin. If you didn't you would crack and peel as well.


i feel your pain same thing happened to me. Sectional peeling cost over 3k. Ashley furniture very poor satisfaction and quality.


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