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Update by user Nov 19, 2015

Has been over a week since incident and NOTHING. way to have great customer service

Original review posted by user Nov 11, 2015

My husband and I were in the Las Vegas Ashely Furniture store off , MLK, getting ready to purchase furniture. My husband had to leave the store to go to the car to get his license, as he came back in the store, the woman that was the door greater at the time, told him " oh i remember you, you just left, you all look the same anyway, you look like Jay Z."..

Now, my husband is African American, and we have NEVER been more insulted and felt discriminated against more then we felt at that time. My husband and I took the paperwork and left the store right away. The next morning i called their corp office to file complaint, the gentleman on the phone offered a $50 giftcard for our trouble. NOT accepting that offer at all, Then I get a call from store manager, only to have to tell the story again, and to be told, well did you purchase furniture or can i still be of assistance to you.

I advised him we will NOT buy from here and that I bought elsewhere about an hour after. Was told that he would look into this and get back to me if needed, have YET to here Anything from him.

Please think twice before buying from here, obviously this type of behavior is ok.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1700.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Ashley Furniture Cons: Worst experience of my life.

  • Discrimination to African American
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It's too bad your husband didn't understand the compliment. Sometimes low self image can cloud the ability to take a compliment.


Sometimes people are young and dumb. If the employee was younger than you get over it.

Also it sounds like she was just being honest. By the way what you describe IS NOT considered discrimination. Youre watching too much tv. Last but not least.

You complained and were offered a gift card. Its was CLASSLESS of you to refuse it. What do you want them to do? Let me guess...give you free furniture?

They offered to make it up but it wasnt good enough for you because you obviously have a sick sense of entitlement. Im certain they dont give a rats a.. if you come back. By the all honesty ..often times you DO look alike.



It was refused because I do NOT want a monetary compensation for this. A simple I am sorry and was wrong was what we were looking for.

I purchased furniture elsewhere same day so nothing is needed. It's not classless to seek apology what is classless is to seek out money or free items due to someone's ignorant comment's.

We are not ones to cash in as some are the woman needs customer service education period. Just brought light to situation hoping that company gains insight and corrects staff.


Ah, the race card... What a surprise


So sorry that you feel that way, in no way shape or form am I nor my husband asking for a monetary reward here, that is what it was plain and simple. To tell someone oh you all the same, what other way is there to take that? Pure a simple yes a racist comment any way you look at it...

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