Sumter, South Carolina

I went to the Sumter, SC store. We picked out a bedroom set and mattresses for $2,000.

The sales lady told me the furniture was on sale at 30% off and accessories half off. She said she would waive the delivery fee. When I went to pay for it her total was higher than what I figured. When I asked to see her paper she wouldn't let me see it and she said "Ohh the bed is only 20% off that's why.

So I told her we would just shop somewhere else because she said 30% and we had already spent way more than intended. Then she said she would talk to manager and came back and said it was okay but we won't get free delivery. I went to walk out the store because I wasn't getting what I was promised. The manager came running and said he didn't want to lose a sale over a delivery fee and asked what he could do to make it better and said he didn't want to haggle with me.

I wasn't haggling with anyone. She promised free delivery and 30% off all furniture. When I got to pay for it it's all different, why?? I guess she didn't think I would actually figure up the total myself.

Then the manager said he would give us free delivery since that's what she said but he wasn't happy about it. I told her to figure up everything again so she did and the total was still different than what I figured. I asked her to show me where her numbers were differing than mine. She couldn't figure it up correctly.

Then to come to find out she had the wrong amount for the bed and I went back to look on the sign to be sure and I told her the correct amount and she was like "Well what do you want me to do about it?" I said "well you need to put the correct amount in your computer and take 30% off. I mean duh , really? Then she starts clapping her hands and Yells "Yeah, we got to wait on the computer". I have no idea why she even said that.

At this point I was frustrated and we said forget it and left. She calls from her cell phone later apologizing in a voicemail for about 3 minutes saying she was sorry things didn't go well and she hopes we find what we are looking for. She also said okay luv ya before she hung up. Now that was very strange!!!

We did find what we were looking for but she made everything so difficult when it was so simple and lied to us. She made it seem like she didn't do anything wrong and she just couldn't make us happy. I know she didn't want us to see her paperwork because she had to up the price of something else because she lied to us and said she would waive the delivery fee. I will never shop there again.

A bad employee can make or break a business.

I hope they keep that in mind when they do future hiring. They lost our business and will never shop there again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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