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Very disappointed with Ashley Furniture Home Store. Ordered a bed for my 3 year old, about 2 months ago.

Waited almost 6 weeks to get a bed that could not stand on its own because there were basic parts missing. It turns out what the employee told us we were getting for the price we paid was not correct, we had to pay extra. Which reluctantly we did, if we wanted to cancel the order we would have had to pay 30% of the cost, for nothing. So, it was either pay additional $ to get the missing parts, without which the bed is not functional at all, or to pay for getting nothing.

They did give us 70% discount for the additional pieces, but in my view we are paying for the mistake their employee made (We were told all the pieces were included). We had to go to the store, spoke with the manager and the sales person, who both had a hard time explaining how they could sell a bed that is not functional and even suggested that we nail it to the wall! Anyways, ordered the missing pieces, waited one more week to get them, which were supposed to arrived today. To no surprise, they screw-up the order again and there is still a basic piece missing, the board that supports the mattress!

So, it is either wait a week or two more before having a functional bed or drive 2 hours to pick the missing part. Try to explain to a 3 year old that she can not have her bed yet because of the incompetence of the people working at the store! To Ashley Furniture Store: we have two more bedroom sets to get, definitely NOT from your company!

Certainly, do not recommend your store at all to anyone in need of furniture. You would think for the price tag we have to pay, at least we should get good customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sales Manager.

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Exactly what happened to me! We ordered a day bed with a trundle.

The associate said everything including the trundle was $499. We purchase everything and set up a pick up date. 2 weeks pass and our order is in. I go to the store, the gentleman loads my truck and off I go to set it up at home.

Everything is unpacked and guess whats missing! The trundle! I call Ashley's and they say, "If you wanted the trundle that is $200 more." I was very upset. We went in to the store, spoke to another rep & explained to them what had happened.

We decided to get a bunk bed for $499 and return the trundle. Because of their mistake they gave us free delivery and would pick up the day bed while delivering our bunk beds. The delivery date is another two weeks out (today). They were 2 hours late and guess what…… They forget the slats!!!

The delivery guy says they would deliver the slats after their last stop. They never came. When I went to look at the parts they brought in the house & the ends were all taped up with Packaging tape, which was peeling off the paint!!! :( :( :( Very frustrating!

So first thing in the morning we are on our way there with the ends to return and I'm sure reschedule another delivery!!!! BTW, the beds are for my three and two year old.

My three year old does not understand why her bed is not being put together. Never again will I purchase from Ashleys!!!!!

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