I also purchased a couch and loveseat from Ashley Furniture that is garbage. They make it sound so nice ans high quality, but when you get it home it looks like it came from Big Lots.

I tried out the loveseat....and left the couch in its wrapping. It has been 2 years and I still haven't had any desire to even look at the *** thing. I can't even sell it and it is brand new. The fabric is such *** that if you try to wipe it with a wet cloth the color comes out of the fabric, it leaves terrible water marks.

I would suggest never purchasing anything that is made by Ashley, go to Big Lots instead.

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We bought our bed and mattress from Ashley furniture and are very satisfied. We received great customer service, though we did have trouble with the delivery. I was really surprised to see so many negative comments on here, as our bed is actually of a lot higher quality than more expensive ones we checked out in other furniture stores.

Matthews, Georgia, United States #27629

Buyer beware! They do not take returns for any reason and they could care less about customer satisfaction. There is a reason why Ashley feels they are #1 in the business--it's because they screw the customer, and money is the bottom line!!

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