Denver, Colorado
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I added a complaint on 11/10 against Ashley furniture for shipping me a desk that was different from the desk at Roomful Express in Pittsburgh.

Fast-forward to last night. I'm up in my office writing bills out when I notices that the edges at each corner were cracking at the seam. Upon closer inspection, the desk is actually bowing in the center, sinking about 2/16 to 3/16 of an inch. The edge is actually a seperate piece, glued onto the desk. Basically, as the desk bows, the glue is failing causing the edge to crack at the corner.

So, 5 months later the $600 desk is looking like he pile of *** it truly is.

I will never buy anything from Ashley furniture again!!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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I have a Glen Eagle Leg Desk for 6 years and it's like brand new. I work from home and this is my office desk.

Solid construction, excellent hardware. Best dest I've ever owned.


Well what did they say when you contacted them? ..or are you just complaining?


I have glen eagles desk and wall units had them for about 4 years now they look brand new

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