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Ashley furniture in Fairfield Ca. sold me a bed frame with a Tempur-pedic mattress Eastern King stating the frame would fit the mattress. Upon delivery the standard box spring was too high, Ashley ordered a low profile box spring. After delivery noticed the frame had damage and there is a four inch gap between the mattress and frame. Called Ashley they set up a technician to come look at it after delivery of the low profile box spring. On Friday 6/8/12 delivery of the new box spring was attempted again still too high called Ashley they have now ordered an "Ultra Low box spring" still not addressing the issue of the 4 inch discrepancy. Saturday 6/9/12 the technician (may I add is a contractor for Ashley) arrived and claimed I either had to get a custom frame and that the 4 inch gap was normal. I then called Ashley as that is not acceptable they directed me to Corporate Customer service for the return of all items. I have since called Mancini's sleep ware spoke with Ian sales rep, Sleep Train David salesrep and Tempur-pedic Chris who advised Tempur-pedic does not make their mattresses different sizing and the 4 inch gap is not standard and by no means normal. I called corporate office and they refused to do a return due to the box spring on order and referred me to the store. I called the store who referred me back to corporate office for the return. I asked to speak to a supervisor at corporate office they are refusing to accept a return because the contracted technician recommends that there is nothing wrong with the frame or the 4 inch gap.

This is a big issue if I trip getting out of bed because the mattress is not flush and there is a gap that Ashley claims is normal they are going to have a larger law suit.

All I am asking for is a simple return because I was lead to believe by their salesperson Lucas everything was compatible. Come to find out it is not. Also I have found out that Tempur-pedic will not warranty any of their mattresses without their box spring supporting it which the salesperson at Ashley also failed to tell me until Friday 6/8/12.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

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This narritive is so likely.

Since i too have had an unacceptable situation with out going in my own story, this company has filled *** in the furniture industry.

(There are no more. Chain furniture stores) there fore these people feel they can do what they want to do, bull ***, i will never spend another dime anybody else on board?

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