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Do NOT do business with Ashley Home Furnishings in Elkton, MD. I learned the hard way that every Ashley store is independently owned, and the customer service standards at the Elkton store are pathetic. I purchased a leather living room set from them in November. When the set arrived there were scratches on the leather and the recliner was poorly assembled. Ashley in Elkton has refused to replace the pieces, insisting that they will repair them.

I called customer service at least a dozen times in November and December, and every time the customer service rep said they would talk with their supervisor and call me back. NO ONE EVER CALLED BACK – NOT ONCE. I finally went back to the store to complain in person. The in-store manager wouldn't even talk to me, insisting that I deal with his customer service people. Customer service cited store policy, as determined by the independent owner. I asked for the owner to contact me, but he or she never did.

I continued to call the store several times a week, and the pieces were finally picked up for repair on Jan. 9. They were supposed to be repaired and returned on Jan. 11. I wasn't at all surprised when I got a call from them an hour AFTER the pieces were supposed to be delivered saying they weren't ready yet.

So, bottom line, I spent $ thousands at Ashley in November on a living room set, and it STILL isn't in my living room.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Recliner.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I have had a similar situation with the Ashley Furniture in Elkton. My furniture came and the foot rest were hard to put down.

The delivery people said, " that it had to be broken and if it didn't become easier that they would come and adjust the foot rest." After they left, I closely inspected the furniture to discover that one of the cushions look completely different than the rest. Within 6 weeks the fabric started balling and strings started popping out all over the furniture. I called the store and they told me that I had to deal with their warehouse in Delaware. I called the warehouse and was told that I would have to pay a $50.00 charge for them to look at the furniture.

I refused and then they said I could, "take pictures and send them in." I live in the country and did not have a computer that worked in my home at the time. I do not have a digital camera. Finally, I kept calling and my daughter who goes to college took some pictures and we forward them to Ashley. I continued to call and was told that the warehouse manager was not in, on vacation, at another location, etc., but that someone would call me back.

After continuing to go into the store to complain and continuing to call the warehouse, I finally received a call from a technician who was on his way to look at the furniture. He left my home indicating that someone would contact me, but I never received a phone call. This all started at the end of November, I first complained about the furniture the beginning of January and it is now the end of August. The list goes on to long with all the deceptive and lying practices that this store's warehouse does to its customers.

The warehouse manager is just plain deceptive and lies, as well as the technician who came to my home. STAY AWAY FROM ASHLEY in Elkton, MD.


i have had a problem from the date of delivery, our furniture was delivered on 11-19-11 with several problems the delivery co said to call ashley the next day to report problems which we did and still as of today 1-24-12 no resolution; customer service has not acknowledged our issues with the furniture


Easy solution for future: buy from Jodlbauer's in Elkton, MD, instead! GREAT customer service!

Local folks. Long history here. Proactive.

PLUS: wonderful selection of furniture in 2 stores on Rt. 40, one on either side of Ashley.

- Satisfied Jodlbauer's customer


On a good note, the he** that thousands of consumers have been put through because of Ashley's deceptive practices is relatively short term compared to where these people are going in their eternal life. :)


It's not just the Elkton Store, it's their Delaware store as well .. they are both owned by Lester Bauguess and his daughter, Kim.

My nightmare began on December 31, and continues today. Their MO is consistent -- they don't return calls, don't respond to faxed letters, and when I attempted resolve my concerns with them both last night in the Delaware store, he continually smirked, and she denied, denied, denied .. their story changes daily.

With so many complaints on so many sites, it is time for this business to be put on the radar of the higher authorities. I'll never get the customer service I deserve, won't get my $$$ back, but will resort to posting on every site out there.

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