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Dont buy from these scam artist.

marisol q. 2 Ashley Furniture Homestore

ok, so i was very excite to purchase a living room set from Ashley's Furniture just because i THOUGHT, how can i go wrong? its Ashleys Furniture. Well, dont let the name fool you. I went to the location and picked out a set. I ended up purchasing a 14 piece set (paid full amount in cash). First my delivery date was set to 1 month after they took my money. At first i thought, "okay well this is Ashleys Furniture, they must have tons of deliveries." at first i didnt mind. Now the date came and they delivered my furniture, the WRONG furniture at that. I decided well ill just stay with it because i didnt want to wait another month for another delivery and because the delivery men didnt even seem to care that they had just delivered the wrong items. I also did not get all 14 pieces i only got 6. I was highly upset and called the store and spoke to this rude lady from customer's service who then stated itll take another month for me to get the other missing pieces. I then thought to myself, "i think i made a huge mistake by even purchasing their furniture." well now its been not even one month since i have had the furniture (6 pieces out of 14) and i am not satisfied at ALL. The sofas are so uncomfortable that id rather sit on the floor. I didnt know how uncomfortable being that when you do walk into the store you dont just sit on the sofa for hours to see how comfortable it is. You truly wont know until its at your house and youre sitting on it watching tv when, your back starts to hurt because you can feel the wood as if they just covered the wood with a thin sheet of their mystery fabric. I decided to call them once again to see what their return policy is and they say they have NONE. She basically told me that i am stuck with this furniture and that she wishes that she could do something else. I then realized that i am stuck with this furniture no matter what. i tehn asked her for the rest of the pieces and she stated that they are in a warehouse in Tampa Florida that i would have to go pick them up myself. I live in orlando about 2 hours from tampa. I cannot go there to pick anything up. Besides the fact that they never told me this until now, i also paid $100 for a delivery so im not understanding their reason for not having delivered everything correctly. Im left with a huge loss and they just gained my cash. I have to sit here and deal with this because they wont do anything for me? im so upset and i would NOT recommend this place to anybody. They never mentioned anything to me about anything besides the total price. They do NOT care about customer's satisfaction only about making money. This is the worst service ive ever had. Even the thrift store has better service than these people. ADVICE is Dont buy from these people i promise you would not be satisfied and will get stuck with stuff you do not want at a lost of your own money.

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