Hoboken, New Jersey

Here is how ashley works:

They have a millenium,ashley, and ashley signature. They are all low quality furniture.


Their customer service is the worst. If you have a bad delivery , they will do their best to NOT help you out.

They use an outside trucking company , which DO NOT KNOW how to do theor job.

The owner owns 5 stores : Fairfield,Paramus,Seacacaus,New Rochelle and Middletown.

STAY AWAY FROM THESE STORES, the owner does not know how to run a business and should not be in the furniture business.

If you dont believe me, ask around why so many people quit within 3-8 months.

Worst working experience ever.

The only reason why that place is still in business is their money hungry salespeople, and he doesnt know how to appreciate good help.

Just telling it how it is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

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I bought sofa one time, piece of *** they don't care.


Co nsumer be aware!!!!

This company is under investigation by the government for many diiferent violations. At any moment they might be shut down and you will lose the money you paid, just like the 1000,s of people who lost their money when levitz shut dow .

The owner of this company discriminates againts gays and lesbions.

The owner discriminates anyone who does notfollow his religious beliefs

The company cheats consumers by selling new and delivering used furniture.

The company cheats the employees with their commission.

Women are sexually abused during their employment bymanagers

Black and latinos are treated like slaves.

And these are all the instructions of the owner,if you dont believe me check with the umerious complaints filed with the department of labor and other go ernment agencies.

This company has a list of lawsuits filed against it.


They are the DEVIL the owner preaches about Jesus but he is really the Devil himself. Everyone beware


They steal they stole from me


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