I ordered a sectional couch from Ashley Furniture. Nice couch, I'm pleased with the quality and the price was OK, but ...

Don't believe what they tell you about when they will be able to have your furniture ready for you. We were told our couch would be ready the next week, and they'd call us that week to deliver it that week.

Turns out they either had no clue what they were talking about, or they lied to us. It took two weeks longer for them to get the couch in than they told us it would take! We were pretty disappointed, since we thought we'd ordered the couch in time for a party we were having, but they were so slow getting us the couch that we got it much later.

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I have never had a good experience with Ashley Furnitue. AND the turn around of employees is terrible.

No one knows what is going on, cant be relied upon for delivery dates, rude customer service. Dont buy from Ashley Furniture in Joplin, Missouri

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #157576

Cristina - I read these reviews before I purchased from Ashley. That's why I "threatened" them with an online review upon purchase, and I'm convinced that's why I therefore received my furniture on time. ;)



I had a very similar experience. We ordered our furniture (paid in full with cash up front) at the beginning of May.

It's the end of June and we're waiting on the last two pieces of our furniture. My husband just called the manager we've been working with (well, one of the three) and he said that one of the trucks has no "time frame" so he can't tell him where it is and he doesn't know where the other truck is - yes, they have two trucks out since they forgot to load our dresser (for the 2nd time) onto the truck. This is getting to be ridiculous.

I'm glad Pauline had a great experience - though, we even told Ashley (and acutally had my in-laws there using their account) that our in-laws have purchased over $100,000 in furniture (always in cash) from Ashley Furniture. They've already received a personal visit from my father-in-law saying they will no longer use Ashley Furniture for any personal or business deals.


I wish I had read this before purchasing a couch from them. Ashley had told me we would get our couch in 2 weeks so I had to sell my other couch to make room and now we have been sitting on the floor for 5 weeks now and still waiting. This is the last time I will buy anything from Ashley.

Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #155925

Here's a tip for future buyers: tell them upfront before purchasing that you plan to review your experience at their store online. This completely worked for me: I recieved personal calls from my Ashley saleslady before and after delivery, which was exactly a week from the date of purchase, as promised.

I followed through and gave my local store a glowing 5-star review. It was a win-win situation for both my Ashley store and myself, and I am convinced it was because I stated beforehand (in a really nice way) that I was an avid online reviewer.

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