Palmdale, California

Bought a twin mattress from the Palmdale, Ca. Ashley Furniture. Had it delivered and was told by sales rep that they would pick up my old mattress.Drivers got here, delivered new mattress but would not take old full size mattress because of lightly soiled and stained.

Okay. I get that and understand that.

My problem is, why didn't the sales rep tell me that they would not take the mattress if it had some light stains on it. What old mattress doesn't have stains on it I ask you??And why are the sales reps not trained by store managers to have their sales reps tell the customers this before the purchase is made.

I could of picked up the new twin mattress myself in my truck and called Waste Management to pick up my old full size mattress instead of paying the delivery fee of $49.99. I thought the fee of $49.99 included to have them take the old mattress as well. But I guess not. Apparently it's a free service they provide. BS!Called the local Ashley Furniture phone number and told the store manager what had happen.All he wanted to do is offer some lousy gift certificate. Forget it! I don't want your lousy gift certificate.

Now I have to wait a week, leaving the old mattress in my driveway till trash day until Waste Management is able to pick up my old mattress.(Funny - they don"t have a problem with it )

I will never shop at Ashley Furniture again.The problem I had sounds small.But it was a pain in the butt. Wasting my time, money and the aggravation with this company. Even wasting time having to write this complaint. But I hope it serves a purpose in letting everyone else know about it. Don't have a 5 year old or more lightly soiled or stained mattress, they won't take it. Call your local Waste Management.

BLAH on Ashley Furniture.

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I am not purchasing from Ashley for exactly this review


They just got me too tried to say the mattress had bugs in it i saw one dead fly it had been there 8 years no surprise to see a dead bug under a bed.


Come on- use a little common sense! That is hardly the sales rep's fault.

Goodwill won't even take a lightly soiled mattress, AND you will not see it posted at their donation drop offs. Even so, I am sure that particular sales rep has since then gained supernatural powers, that gives him the ability to see inside your bedroom, and read your most irrelevant memories. Give the person a break! He may have been new!

Do you have ANY IDEA how much furniture sales reps have to memorize?

(No, I am not an employee) Jeeze. If anything, ask to work with the oldest sales rep they have.


Given you pay a haul away fee that they won't wave even if you tell them you want to keep the mattress, it makes no sense that they won't take old mattresses. It's complete *** and a rip off. It's also illegal to resell mattresses here in California so refusing to take a mattress for haulaway away and diposal is like saying you won't throw out the garbage because there is garbage in it.

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