My husband and I purchased a bedroom set in March from Ashley and since then we had to have them come out two to three times to get issues resolved with the bedroom set. We had some scuffs and there is a gouge on one of the rails. It was ridiculous because I called and told them all the issues to send a tech out. When they came, I wasn't home so my husband was there for reference. Well, my husband forgot about the gouge, so the tech didn't even mention it and left after fixing the scuffs only.

I found out, called the company and they had to resend the tech another day. Such idiots. They knew it was a problem and I am sure it was on his paperwork, but hey, why bother if the customer doesn't say anything at the time?

We have had to have the company send us handles from the dressers at least three times since they have broke. Also, we finally got the replacement rail and the hooks that latch to the headboard and footboard are on upside down, so my husband has to unscrew them and reattach them the correct way.

Overall, I will never purchase from this company again. I thought spending $3300 would ensure a nice set and so far, I have had way too many issues to consider it a good purchase.

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my husband and I were going tomorrow to purchase a leather sofa set.Q is there furniture reasonable? and did you purchase your furniture at the ashley outlet? I NEED TO KNOW THE TRUTH PLEASE!


I am going through the same problems with the Melbourne Florida Store. I wish I hadn't ever bought my furniture there and will never buy anything from them again.

Managemengt from manager to customer service have been extremly rude. One would think in this economy today these people would realize and be concerned about future customers and if their store still be there next year.


shure is a bunch of *** sucks here!!

you get what you pay for!!


you get what you pay for!!!


I'm with Troy. Give your husband some vitamins, so that he can get a grip on what it is he is doing!


unbelievable...they sent a tech out to fix the problem and some *** didn't point out they needed to fix the bed rail...sounds like your complaint should be addressed to your husband...

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