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Why you should NEVER purchase from Ashley Furniture Stores. February 20, 2017 by bargainhound 6 Comments (Edit) It has taken me 5 years to write this post.

I wanted to write it a long time ago, but wanted to wait until I saw how the quality of the products held up. This is a post on why you should NEVER, EVER, under any circumstance – purchase furniture from Ashley Furniture stores. In November 2011, we were shopping for a new couch set. We shopped around quite a bit, and were specifically looking for a sectional sofa set.

And we did not want microfiber (I hate how it shows every hand print or anywhere you touch it) and we wanted something that was easy to wipe off dog hair, since we have shedding Chihuahuas. When we walked into Ashley Furniture, we were quickly greeted by a saleswoman, who was anxious to show us what they had. We really liked the leather sofas. When we saw this set, we fell in love with it.

It was a 3-piece sectional with 4 electric recliners. It was beautiful. We sat in it, and it was very comfy. But we were concerned because it was not 100% leather.

We were told it was a “Durablend leather” which was a leather blend. The saleswoman actually told us this would last longer than actual leather, because real leather wears out and we would quickly see spots like where our heads leaned up against the couch. After still shopping around a bit, we decided this was the couch set we wanted. We also bought a new dining room table – an extra high dining room table with 8 chairs, and the matching hutch.

Together, we spent around $7,000. The couch alone was around $4,000. We were told about their extra warranty that they pushed hard on us to purchase. It was an additional $499.

She said if we were to puncture it, tear it, stain it, etc – the repair company would come right out to fix it. She named off a million things it covered, and we figured it was a good investment on our furniture purchase, so we went ahead and purchased it. This was a couple weeks before Thanksgiving, and we were given a delivery date of about a week before Thanksgiving. It was very important that we had all of our new furniture before Thanksgiving, as we were having family over, and would have had no where to eat or relax, since we had someone picking up our old dining room furniture & couch set shortly after purchasing our new furniture at Ashley.

A couple days before our furniture was to be delivered, we received a call stating our furniture was on back order. I FLIPPED. They said our dining room table was in, but no chairs. And since we purchased a table that was higher than an average table, you could not use regular chairs.

They said they could loan us chairs to use with the table. But as far as the couch – back ordered. I ended up making many phone calls and going back and forth with Ashley and they were some how able to get our couch from another location and get it to us in time for Thanksgiving. A few days before Thanksgiving, and they delivered our couch, and dining room table.

They also gave us “loaner” chairs – but they were normal height chairs, and when you sit in them, you could not even reach the top of the table. Had to have the delivery guys bring them back, and I had to get back on the phone with Ashley again. Oh – and when our table was delivered, the delivery guy notified us that we can’t use soap & water on our new table. I was like, what???

He said yeah, it has a coating on it, so you can only use plain water. I have never heard of such a thing – and had they told us that in the store, we wouldn’t have purchased it!!! How can you wash a table without soap???? So before we used the table, we had to purchase a piece of vinyl to put over the table, and that’s what we eat on.

This way we can clean the vinyl with soap & water. Anyways, after lots more phone calls with Ashley, they were some how able to get us the chairs we ordered for our dining room table, and we received the couch and dining room table & all chairs a few days before Thanksgiving. The hutch we purchased was being delivered like a couple days before Thanksgiving. It arrived on time, and the delivery men had to install the top part of the hutch to the bottom part, and then add the backing to the back of the top part of the hutch.

Well, when they installed the backing to the hutch, they screwed in a couple screws in the wrong places, and the screws were showing right through the center of the hutch. And when we went to open the bottom drawer, the drawer was broken. They ended up coming back, picking it back up, fixing it, and returning the hutch back to us. What a HASSLE!

But that’s not even the worst part. For about the first year, we loved our new couch. But that $4,000 purchase was quickly turning into a costly mistake. The couch was starting to PEEL.

And it was only peeling where we sat. Behind our heads, where our arms & hands lay, and where our feet & legs lay. And mind you, it’s just my boyfriend and I, and the dogs do not sit directly on the couch – they lay on our laps, or on the beds we would place on the couch. The only time anyone sat on the other part of the couch was my parents, maybe once or twice a year.

We are extremely gentle on our furniture. A couple years after we purchased it, the peeling was out of control. Whenever we get off the couch, we have to “shake” out our clothing so the little pieces of the couch will fall off of our clothing. I remembered we bought that $500 warranty and called them.

They said our warranty did not cover peeling of the material!! I was livid. About a year later, and where Chris sits – a spring or something broke under his seat, and the cushion became nonexistant, and when he sat in his seat, it was like sitting on a board. I called the warranty company about fixing his seat – they said our warranty did not cover it.

Then, about a year after that, I was sitting in my seat with the foot rest up, and I pressed the button to the side to put the foot rest down so I could get up – and it no longer worked. Chris tried everything to fix this – and nothing would fix it. I called the warranty company – and guess what they said? Sorry, electrical issues are not covered under this warranty.

So here we are, 5 years later. And we just – embarrassingly – put the couch to the curb for the disposal company to pick up tomorrow. This is what our $4,000 couch looks like after 5 years of gentle use. The corner piece, which you can see in the below photo, where no one ever sat, is still like brand new, and even has the tags still attached to it.

So we are now using the other part of the couch that we didn’t use, and that’s just until we can find a quality couch to purchase. But I can tell you one thing – we will never be scammed by Ashley Furniture again.

We will never step foot in another Ashley Furniture store EVER AGAIN. And if you want to avoid the hassles, horrible customer service, and the waste of money, you will avoid them too.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Durablend Leather Sofa.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Nothing you can do now, we had to throw it out after being turned down for repairs!.

I didn't like: I did not llike the way i wad treated no respect, Horrible customer service, Products not as described.

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I have the same prodlem with the sofa's they suck warranty on them didn't cover


Ashley recliner and love seat after five years and it's peeling , cracking and a total waste of 4,000 dollars for a living room set. I had extended warranty and now nothing can be done.

Ashley SAID COUCHES AND CHAIRS ONLY REALLY LAST THREE YEARS ANYWAY?????? Who buys furniture for their living room every three years ???????????

Medford, Oregon, United States #1292065

Thank you for this. I was thinking of buying living room furniture from Ashley myself. I'm so sorry this happened to you....messed up.

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