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I ordered a chair on March 15, 2008. I was told by my sales rep that at the very latest, I would receive my chair by 4/26/08.

I call them today, it is April 25th after 6 p.m. and find out that they have pushed my chair shipment out beyond April 30th! Meanwhile, they have had 700.00 of my funds in their posession since March 16th. DO NOT purchase from Ashley Furniture.

You are better off at the yard sales! I will continue to have my guests sitting on the floor. THANKS ASHLEY!


Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Chair.

Monetary Loss: $686.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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I think people are just not used to getting something "NOW". Our consumer driven market drives people to want to shop and have it in their house the next day.

People have a hard time waiting. Then when a damaged piece comes they get all pissed of because they have to wait another week to have their furniture "NOW".

Just be patient people. That is how this company can offer the nice prices it does, it ships stuff from it's wharehouse, however, it won't come in just one day!

Be patient.



While you make some comments that have some validity, you did not mention anything about marketing beginning and ending with the consumer. In fact, the consumer is the only one in the entire cycle that can define quality. As a result, companies that want to WOW their customers must meet and/or exceed their expectations.

In the case of Ashley furniture, the consumer assumes all risk by paying before the product arrives. Furthermore, the company has the reputation of taking much longer than expected to deliver. It is only logical that people are upset when the company cannot deliver on its promise.

Smart companies understand that customer satisfaction is paramount to building brand equity. Any first year marketing student understands the importance of happy customers.


I do not work for Ashley I was just making a comment. I am tired of people whinning in the internet and not doing the things that the REALLY need to do to fix the issue like what TBD said the right people. Get them involved.


You must be an Executive at Ashley Furniture !!


I think people's expectations of how business is run now a day's is so one sided. We expect things NOW!

We expect things yesterday! We have such high expectations that we don't consider that THINGS HAPPEN. Look at the economy...look at your own way of doing business with the companies you deal with like the gas company, electric company and your landlord/bank. Do you pay things on the date that the bill states??

and maybe YOU do ...but, not all people do. They say in the airline business...if someone tells you 15-20 minutes expect 30-40....then when they actually do get something done in 15-20 you will say....hey, that wasn't so bad! I am not trying to be a downer by stating you should have low expectations.

I am just trying to say be more realistic. Document your concerns and voice them to the right people....not by coming online to whine about not getting your way.


Upon calling and cancelling my order, I was told that I would have to wait an additional week to get a refund. :(

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