The handles on my Ashley Furniture desser drawers are falling off. One by one they break off as we simply open drawers.

The furniture has been discontinued and I do not know how to get new handles. Haven't had any other problems with the furniture but not have handles on the drawers is aggravating . The bedroom suite is only a couple of years old and I love the design, but we are unable to use the dresser because of the missing handles and inability to open the drawers.

I would love to find out how to get replacement handles.

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same problem as everyone, handles break easy just by normal use. It looks like the handles were made out of a cheap metal that deteriorates over time.

Now the beset is discontinued. waste of money!


The same thing happened to me....x's 8!! The first time, I ordered a replacement and a spare.

When the 3rd one fell off, I called their home office and was told to just replace all of them as they were discontinued!!! In my case, 38!!! Not only is the quality of the furniture poor, so is their customer service. I will NEVER purchase anything Ashley.

I have furniture that is 30 years old that my children have taken with every drawer pull and slide in tact. I mention this as I have 3 of those broken in addition to the 8 pulls. I have walked into the room to find pulls on the floor.

The pins are plastic as are the drawer slides where others use metal. POS!!!!


i have same issue regarding knobs i have 3 broken why can't ashley have better service for therecustomer i will not go back there again until this problem can be solve with some kind of replacement


I have the same issue with the Camilla bedroom furniture.. I have 7 broken. Very poorly made.


I have the same issue with the Coal Creek Dark Brown Poster Bed collection


I have the same problem. Cheaply made.


I have the same problem and can not find the dresser drawer handles.

Port Washington, Wisconsin, United States #1344584

Like the rest of you. I also have the Ashley bedroom set and the dresser pull on the dresser model B634-31 has broken where the pin goes into the socket that is screwed into the dresser drawer.

I have been on google all day trying to locate replacements with no luck.

Has anyone been able to locate the pulls or something similar? If so please contact me at midwestgirl2012@yahoo.com

Arkansas, United States #1330391

We have the same problem. Can't find the dresser drawer pull handles and all of ours have broken. Did anyone on here ever find any?

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa #1296753

I too am having the same problem. I contacted the home store and they told me to bring in one of the broken handles.

So I'm going to try that. I also told the person that answered the phone about the blog on the Internet about this problem.

We all need to express our concern with the home company where we bought the furniture.

Ashley HomeStore

Colton · 33 mi

Open until 9:00 PM

855 Ashley Way, Colton, CA 92324

Open today · 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM (909) 433-5303

Home, Pennsylvania, United States #1240949

If you find out, let me know! We had ours under a year!

to Anonymous #1299344

Has anyone had any luck on finding replacement handles? Mine are breaking too and I need three right now

Vienna, Virginia, United States #1201600

We have the exact same problem. Very annoying for the price we paid.


I too am having the same problem of the drawer handles breaking off. My bedroom furniture have also been discontinued.

My first handle broke off about 3 months after it was purchased. So far I've had 4 to break.

Nice furniture, bad drawer pulls. I have (2) 3 drawer night stands, an 8 drawer dresser, a 6 drawer media chest, and a 5 drawer chest of drawers. That is 25 drawers with a total of 26 drawer pulls to be replaced that is going to be a very expensive replacement cost.

So far no luck in finding the right sized drawer pulls. I would love to know if we all have the same bedroom furniture or the same handles.

Clifton Park, New York, United States #1150609

We also have the same problem with the pull handles.Hard to believe they would use such cheap pull handles from china.



We have the same problem our furniture has been discontinued and the handles are 5 1/2 inch hole to hole and no one sells them that long. Our furniture number is B634-31 Ashley furniture please let us know ggcaligirl@gmail.com Thanks


Same here. Payed good money, for something that did not last.

This furniture is not used by children so it is not mishandled. Will not buy Ahshely products again.


Same here the pull handles crack in the middle one by one. Cheap!!!! I need replacements as well.


I have had the same problem with a handle on a Ashley furniture dresser, and would like to repeat the question "Where can one get new handles for furniture draws?"

Yucca Valley, California, United States #1033575

I could probably steer you in the right direction, but I cannot envision "breaking off" in regards to the handles. Are they screwed on and the handle breaks off and leaves the screws behind?

Are they glued on (unlikely)? Your description is unclear. If it is the first reason, then measure the distance between the screws, go to a hardware store and get handles that have the screws the same distance apart.

Get a screwdriver that fits the slots, then remove the old screws and install the new handles with the new screws (or reuse the old screws if they fit). This is an easy fix if this is what you mean in regards to "breaking off".

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