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My husband and I purchased a sectional from Ashley and as the others have stated, the Durablend started peeling. The salesperson had also told us that Durablend was more durable than leather.

We believed what we were told and thought the sectional would last a long time since there are just the two of us. In our case, the peeling began after about a year. Needless to say we were shocked and could not understand why the peeling happened. Bottom line, the fabric is just worthless and very cheap.

As my husband said, it's thinner than onion skin. We will never by anything from Ashley Furniture again.

Monetary Loss: $1438.

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$1600 sectional lasted 6 years. And like onion skin that *** went everywhere.

Awful stuff. What is the point in all that high quality stitching?


Ashley Furniture is awful and insensitive. Good luck in the future, 4Seating/Seatcraft is much better from what I hear.


I bought a couch and love seat. They are peeling too. I am very disappointed in this product, and will never buy Ashley furniture again.


I bought a Ashley red sectional sofa. The sofa started peeling after a year and 1/2 of owning it.


I bought a sofa & loveseat from Ashley in Odessa, Texas and 18 months later the loveseat cushions just started peeling and within weeks they were almost bare. I tried to order replacement cushions but they don't have mine available.



I have the same exactly the same issue. There is a class action suit against them, stand by and get your 6 dollars "settlement" check......sofa cost me $1500 and lasted about a year and a half


i Baught the same kind as you. Mine started peeling and will never buy this brand or kind again.


My husband and I have the same problem. How do we get the claim started?


"One of the lower-cost alternatives similar to bonded leather is DuraBlend trademark by Ashley Furniture. DURABLEND is a Bonded Leather – consist of blended leather or particles of leather adhered together with a coating of PU (polyurethane).

Contents: 57% polyurethane, 26% poly/cotton and 17% minimum leather shavings. DuraBlend provides the look and feel of 100% Leather or Leather Match at an economical price."

Durablend is bonded leather, they just don't directly call it that in an effort to further confuse the customer. Notice that actual leather is the lowest percentage content in the product. It's all mixed together and painted onto a backing.

That's what you see peeling off- the fake leather coating.

Get real leather or stick with fabric. DO NOT get anything else, regardless of what the salesmen tell you.

They just want to make the sale. They tell you you can get "leather" at a fraction of the cost, and they know they wont see you for awhile, as it takes a little time to start peeling.

It's a scam in the furniture business.


Thank you as your information was very informative for all of us. I was duped as well but it was from Gardener White.

It looks absolutely disgusting.

My couch before this blend was 100% leather. Had it for 15 years, gave it to my sister which still has it after 5 years and still in great shape.


I always do research when I buy anything especially leather and being a single parent of 3 kids I decided to Purchase a leather sofa set from bobs furniture and ran across durablend leather which is really scraps of leather ironed out compressed and sold its the cheapest and the biggest scam that's out there... After reading about it I bought leather sofas for just a little more than I would of spent on the other one. Always do your homework


That happens when you have crotch rot. The rot spreads to the couch and eats it.




Are you an Ashley Salesman? Have you been sitting on the Durablend furniture before it ships to the customer?


good one!


You must be an ***! I bought a set from Big Lot's and it was extremely comfortable.

The arms of mine began to peel and the head area. I keep my furniture covered with blankets, therefore not much of my body parts even touched furniture. One day took blankets off to wash, since I am a very clean person and was in shock at what I seen. Leather flakes everywhere!

I called Big Lot's about it and told out of warranty. Furniture hasn't been sat on no more that 30/40 times at that and it's embarrassing! What sold me the furniture in first place was the name "Ashlee Furniture". There needs to be a class action suit filed on them for this poor product!

I am disabled and on a very limited income social security. I don't have the money to purchase another one. So I am just stuck with a very comfortable set, and it's messing up the blankets I cover with cause of so much fake leather coming off and can't get it all off my throws.

They have to be thrown out! Ashlee's is no longer considered quality furniture in my opinion.....


My husband and I purchased a sectional from Ashley and as the others have stated, the Durablend started peeling with pay $3000 same thing for the sofa and love seat


it just goes to the old saying u get what you pay for and everyone knows that you cant beat leather for for wear motor cycles leathers fantastic cars leather seats wear forever just a little saddle to help clean it and it will outlast you just a thought.


I have the exact same sectional and mine looks just as bad


Yep, my dies blend sectional ALMOST lasted two years! For only $1900, you two can buy some of this "disposable" furniture!

Lol. Btw: I paid for that *** warranty that was useless...apparently this is "normal wear and tear".lol.

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