Billings, Montana

as a long time employee of the billings mt. store it's time something was said.

the owner of this facility dan kennedy is quite possibly the most discriminatory,chauvenistic,dishonest man i have ever worked for. his sales mgr. don hurd has sexually harrassed, committed sexual assault,and continously used off color language in front of female employees. dan does'nt care because as don had said " it's just a women" don lifted the skirt of a female employee loretta harris and poked her with it just below her privates with the tip of the stick.

loretta did take the complaint to the office mgr. kim but dan had the at that time general mgr. of the store duane set aside his christian beliefs and let don walk. as loretta said, dan tied duane's hands behind his back, and don lied through his teeth.

duanes punishment to don for this humiliating and degrading act??? he took away the stick. the sickening thing is there were 2 eye witnesses marcie and staci. they tried to get don to stop but he carried through.

and even then dan could'nt care less. several of the women here consider don to be a sexual deviate. he frequently looks at pornagrafic web sites while working, has taken money from petty cash, dan the owners children stock the pop and candy machines to earn money. don has climbed up into the racking and helped himself to their overstock instead of paying for the merchandise.

there is no'one here at the store to speak to as a h.r. dept. is fruitless. regardless of what is done by don hurd dan is behind him all the way.

i hope todd and ron wanek can read this and see the kind of misfit dan has created through his apathy and chauvenistic frame of mind. and this man is a mt. state legislator. imagine that.

i guess we girls can quit but how fair is that to put in a decade or more with a company and have to quit because dan refuses to control this ***. god bless

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There are a lot of places like that in Billings. I worked for one that has the same culture as you accountability for the perverts.

The good employees just have to walk away which is unfair to everyone (including the customers). I won't be doing any shopping at Ashley's that's for sure.


Hey there fellow employee of the Billings store. You may want to mention that what you speak about took place 6 years ago, and that when Duane interviewed Staci and Marci they both indicated that they saw nothing.

Infact, all three of the ladies you speak of in this left for better opppurtunities, but also returned to Ashley as well. When I have had issues, I have gone to Kim, and she has documented them and spoke with a manager and things have improved.

I'm sorry that you don't like Dan. It is terrible how we support some community events, and how he donates furniture, and in some cases entire house fulls of furniture to people in need. I am sure we are all just like him, and we all have our faults that we try to overcome. I have found them to be to fair.

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