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Having been happy ASHLEY customers in NJ, we immediately went to ASHLEY in Sarasota Florida when we moved here late Spring 2018. We purchased a bedroom set and sofa bed couch. My delivery people didn't speak a word of English and never set up the mechanics of my bed. After after countless calls ( several that the store manager never returned the calls and then when I called again, she informed me she delegated a return call from her staff and was very defensive and nasty), emails and texts between the sales person, the customer service(s) both departments because there are 2 (one keeps you on hold for 20 minutes or more each time). When I called Ashley to get my bed remotes corrected they told me I had to call Serta. Serta said I had to call Ergo Motion and they told me I had to pay to have someone come out or go back to Ashley to resolve.


1 delivery at 10:45 at NIGHT and then they unloaded all the boxes from the days deliveries in my neighborhood in a construction dumpster, whereby I was fined. As not to add insult to injury there was another scheduled delivery that was so late we went to bed and got a call at 10:30 at night asking if they could still come. We had 4 NO SHOW, NO CALL appointments.

Quality Control:

We had delivery of a cheap thin foam mattress in our sofa bed trying to push that off on us thinking we wouldn't notice. It was supposed to be a thick 4" memory foam mattress. Finally I had what was supposed to the the "correct" mattress delivered - the memory foam mattress. The delivery was yet another cheap (but thicker foam) but it is STILL NOT THE MEMORY FOAM mattress. The cheap foam they switched it for is first of all cheap foam and you can immediately feel the bar in the center of the bed.

As is this is all not enough, I was charged for a chaise we never ordered and after countless requests of their cancellation of the order, we have yet to receive it.

For all of this they offered a $100 gift card to try to win my business back while STILL not resolving the current issues that are ongoing.

The good things I can say are, we like the furniture, we like our sales rep Eli, and our escalated Customer Service Rep Maurice and the Regional Manager Teresa, BUT the abuse and inability to resolve our ongoing issues with products is INEXCUSABLE!!! They do their best but somewhere in the line there are HUGE issues with inventory, dispatch, delivery, scheduling, manufacturing and Customer Service overall. The company has lost control of the quality and does bait and switch. The two mattresses they have tried to pass off on me is a prime example of not caring to provide the product they sold me and try to appease me with 2 very cheap imposters. I can no longer trust a delivery window of time from this company, and do not have faith in the products that they will deliver or WHEN! Who delivers after 10PM? We are in a gated community that ordinarily does not accept any vendors after 5PM.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Top Mattress for sofa bed NOW! someone higher up to call me and offer something significant to show my business matters and they are truly sorry for all the things I have gone through!.

Ashley Furniture Pros: Our sales rep eli.

Ashley Furniture Cons: Customer abuse, Delivery service, Entire experience.

  • Bait Switch Tactics
  • Inventory Management
  • Delivery And Shipping
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Two more times they sent the SAME mattress for my sofabed and today it was the SAME ol' story... I waited all day to have the delivery people make me the 8th call to ONCE AGAIN be presented with the SAME mattress...


I am sooooooooooo over this... I just wish I could get a credit to buy my own and be DONE WITH ASHLEY!

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