Oh Bob's Discount Furniture, why do you treat me so? Admittedly our relationship got off to a great start. My wife and I walked into your store, and everybody was so friendly, accommodating, and helpful! The sales staff were all champions of their craft, being available and helpful without being pushy. We looked at many items in your showroom, but eventually settled on a sizable sectional, along with two end tables and a coffee table. Your sales staff discussed payment options and delivery dates, and the delivery date could be quite quick, like two weeks out! What isn't to love? Plus the grand total of all of those items, even with the delivery fee, was still in the neighborhood of $2000. Seemed like quite a deal, and we were super excited.

Let me just take a side trip for you down memory lane, where we went furniture shopping at Belfort. Getting service there was akin to pulling your own teeth with rusty vice grips, despite the more luxury level pricing. We did buy one piece of furniture there, but finding it difficult to work with Belfort, we decided we'd branch out. For the money spent, we were expecting more, dear Belfort, we were. Sorry, maybe we just had different expectations when it comes to sales and service.

But wait, you say, this was about Bob's, wasn't it? Truth. And also, you're asking, why is this a zero star review? Shouldn't there be more stars? Everybody was so nice to you at the showroom, right? Well, they were. We bought that sectional and tables, and set the delivery date. We were excited. My dear wife sold our old couch, and did it quite quickly and adroitly. As a side note, I carried it out of the basement along with the purchaser, one housewife with a minivan full of fries and chicken nugget leavings. We had a very easy time carrying it out, despite neither of us being furniture moving professionals. You're probably saying that isn't really germane to the story, but it sort of is. Wait for it.

So, the zero star review, where was I? Yes, the day of the delivery comes. I'm at work, but I figure they don't really need me at the house, because professional movers. Professional Movers. Delivery Guys. People who transport furniture from here to yon on a regular basis. So I'm at work just doing my work thing, and thinking I'll come home to wonderful sectional goodness.

As it turns out, the Bob's delivery guys don't speak English. Like, at all. They have like 4 words, and they all come out to, "No." They look at the place we want the sectional put, and they say "no." They want my wife to sign a bunch of crazy *** that they can't explain, except for "no." Through much sign language and *** Espanol, they get to the point of the delivery guys offering to leave it in the garage, to which my wife tells them "no." The one delivery guy then implies that he'll get it in the basement but it'll require them leaving multiple holes in the wall. To this, my wife says "no." So at the end of this frustrating interaction, my wife tells them to leave the sectional on the truck and to leave. And they do, with no worrisome sweat equity paid out by the delivery guys. Now please remember that just the night before I and a South Riding house mom got a couch out of that exact same space with no issue whatsoever. And a supposed "professional delivery team" refused to put furniture in that same space????

My dear wife calls me and tells me about this fine turn of events, and it is certainly frustrating. When I leave work I stop by Bob's showroom and attempt to find out what's going on. They tell me that they can't help me, and that it'll have to be the delivery manager who sorts it all out. So I try to call that guy, with no luck. I try to call him the next day, also with no luck. I do get at least two phone calls from the automated delivery BS line, but no real human being leaves me a message with a number to get back to them. So after the second day of nobody really caring, I call and cancel the order.

So now Bob's has spent actual money driving their furniture around, but nobody's paying for it. In addition, they don't seem all that worked up about losing my money. (Admittedly, this isn't millions of dollars, but hey, if I was supposed to get $2000 and then I didn't, I'd be disappointed.) The real loser, of course, is my dear wife and me, who now have no furniture in our basement. Enter Walmart where I pick up a $20 chair to spell me in the interim. Shame on you, Bob's. Shame.

So a week later we go to Ashley. We have a very similar showroom experience to Bob's. 100% customer service there too. But we're suspicious. Darn suspicious. We have had a very similar transaction when it comes to buying a sectional. (Bigger than the Bob's one, slightly more expensive, but still not bad.) When the sales staff talks to me about delivery, I ask them if the delivery guys are licensed, bonded, and insured? They say yes. I ask if they've had criminal background checks (which the Bob's guys may have skipped, based on my wife's impression of them) and the Ashley sales woman tells me, yes, they have. I ask if they're willing to take the furniture further than the garage, and the Ashley sales woman again says "yes!" So we're hopeful.

The day of the Ashley delivery comes. The delivery guys show up when they say they will. They survey the landscape, set up the path to get the furniture in the door, and do it. No silliness, no language barrier, and no feeling that I'm letting the contents of the local adult detention center into my house. Once the furniture is set up, the delivery guy asks me to please look it over thoroughly and make sure that there is no damage and everything is set up to our satisfaction. Once I do that, he calls customer service and hands me the phone. The customer service representative again asks if everything was done to my satisfaction, to include getting the furniture in the house, the quality of it, lack of damage, etc. At the end of that call, then, and only then, did the delivery guy ask me to sign a receipt of delivery and install. We shook hands, I tipped them, and told them to have a nice weekend. Best furniture delivery experience ever!

And so there you have it. That's why this review is both a zero star review of Bob's, and a five star review of Ashley. The price differential between those two for what we bought was a couple of hundred dollars, but I say that's immaterial, especially due to the fact that the slightly cheaper furniture apparently couldn't make it to my house, so really, no matter what the price, who cares?

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Customer Care.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Ashley Furniture Pros: All of it.

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