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Let me start off my review with this warning. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH ASHLEY FURNITURE!


My wife and I went to Ashley Furniture Pflugerville in early April 2020 to help our daughter pick out a sectional couch, dining room set and a bedroom set for a home she was to move into in mid May in Houston. We had used this company on several items in our own home over the past 15 years without any problems or issues. This is not the same company from top to bottom! Liars all around.

We ended up purchasing everything except the bedroom set ( Not as stable as the Rooms To Go set ultimately purchased the same day ).

She loved the sectional and dining table set We! We also ended up even taking the $500 furniture warranty plus delivery fee ( almost 4K worth of business ). Cool, no problem. We set up in store for a May 16th delivery date.

Here is where things started coming apart at the seems. They called 2 days before the delivery to say that everything would be coming minus one piece of the 3 piece sectional. They stated they were having a problem with production because of Covid-19 and that piece would be coming 3 weeks later. We confirmed the delivery and headed down to Houston for the planned house closing, move in and furniture delivery over the next 3 days.

Rooms to Go delivered the bedroom set without a hitch. No damage..no problems...on time. ASHLEY calls us the day of the delivery to say that the order did not make it on the truck because they didn't have any pieces of the sectional ready, so the delivery was canceled and moved out to one week later.Talk about anger, disappointment and frustration! Why not bring the dining room table and 8 chairs?

( more on that later ).

So to keep this story somewhat short, this same scene happened 2 more times over the next 4 weeks. They would call, text and email to confirm a delivery date and window, only to have us drive down, take off from work and get no showed! The customer service number is basically useless. It would take 30 minutes to an hour to get a person to answer, and sometimes they would hang up on me once they realized I had a very serious complaint.

Calling the store of purchase yielded the same result.

After starting to come to grips with the fact that ASHLEY may never deliver this furniture I decided to do a Google search for consumer complaints against ASHLEY Furniture. Immediately I started reading story after story that sounded just like mine! Starting in February 2020, customers were complaining about missed or canceled deliveries, partial orders showing up, damaged furniture showing up, refusal to take back or warranty the damaged delivered pieces! One customer even said she did not get the customary phone call from the delivery driver to let her know they were enroute.

She was not at home, so the driver left the furniture on the driveway! Others like us had also had major issues getting a hold of customer service. Any request for order cancelation was being countered with a 10% restocking fee!!?? For what??

Furniture that hadn't even been manufactured yet?

After getting tired of the wasted money and time, we had no choice but to visit the store in person. Mind you it was during a peak upswing in positive Covid-19 cases. Surprisingly the store had a decent amount of customers there, not knowing that they were about to get sold something that Ashley in no way could deliver! After waiting patiently 15 minutes to speak to the manager, we were forced to get pretty loud when the manager refused to give our money back without a 15% restocking fee!

After seeing that they would lose business because of this disruption, the manager begged us to give her the opportunity to get something delivered this upcoming weekend. She offered to refund the delivery fee. She proceeded to get on the phone in an attempt to call her customer service back office. It took her 20 minutes to get someone on the line!

( She's a manager). They proceeded to set us up for delivery on the upcoming Saturday with everything coming minus the chase part of the sectional. Yeah right....even the manager had to concede that if it didn't show up...she would be out of gas.

Fast forward to Friday night at 6:45pm, customer service calls to say that none of the items are available, and our new delivery date is now August 16th! Monday comes and we race over to the store to get our credit card refunded!

We are greeted by a sign on the front door stating that the business office was closed, but they were still taking customers?? We now know that the sign was placed there because they were getting swamped by combative customers experiencing the same problems. This is where the lying gets worse. The store manager proceeds to type on her computer for 15 minutes, supposedly refunding our credit card, all the while apologizing.

At the end, she said that we would receive an email within 24 hours confirming everything. Two days later we still hadn't gotten confirmation of a refund, so at this point we know that they are being unethical. To end this long and horrible customer relationship with Ashley, it took one more in person store visit ( the store manager was off ), a conversation with another manager who had better customer service skills and 7 more days of waiting to finally see that credit show up. The new manager said that he saw no record of the store manager having submitted a request for the waived delivery fee or the order cancelation.

So bottom line.....we believe that their business is in trouble. Not sure if it is a manufacturing is because of Covid-19, but RTG doesn't seem to have the same problem! Whatever it is...please stop selling stuff that can't be delivered in a timely manner!

Please stop asking or demanding that your employees lie! They have lost our business for life, and if I were you I would look elsewhere.

Monetary Loss: $300.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Ashley Furniture Pros: There furniture looks nice in the showroom.

Ashley Furniture Cons: Terrible customer service, Not coming thru with promises, Run-around, You will get screwed over i promise.

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