Sales order 103****NU25B. I'm not sure how your business stays open. I'm shocked by the recent experience that I had. On 10-31-21 My husband I went to the Ashley store on 11755 Commons Drive Springdale Ohio 45246. We spent close to $4000. I told Jamie that in past we had problems with delivery of wrong furniture and only part of a purchase and had to cancel in past. She promised it wouldn't happen again so I thought I would give you all another try. I was told our furniture would arrive in February and an area rug we purchased would be delivered the following week of our purchase. The area rug was delivered and I sent it back because it was the wrong rug. The following week they delivered the rug again. Once again, it was the wrong rug. The following week the rug was delivered again and once again the WRONG RUG! Yep that's 3 times! 3 times and your out! I called and texted the sales lady Jamie and told her I wanted to cancel the whole order because at this time if you cant get an area rug right you sure as *** cant get the furniture right. I emailed her right after I texted her. The information that she gave my on her contact was jamie.parks@***.com. Her personal phone number is 859-992-****. Here is email I sent her Furniture Order

Lori Durante

Wed, Nov 10, 2021, 1:32 PM

to jamie.parks

Hi Jamie. My husband and I decided to cancel our whole order. They delivered the wrong carpet again today. I tried calling and no one answered at store and then was on hold for over an hour with customer service. We are worried that if they can't get a roll of carpet right they wouldn't get the rest of the furniture right. We don't want to wait for furniture that comes in February and it be the wrong furniture and have to wait another 3 months. So sorry. You were very pleasant to work with and we know it's not your fault. We had issues in past with delivery with Ashley and was hoping there would be an improvement but it appears to be run by same people who simply can't do their job. Hope you recover from your surgery soon.

Best regards

Lori Durante

I never received a response from her and that was on 11-10-21. I called the store. No answer! the phone rang off the hook for days! I never was able to get a hold of store. I called the 1-800 number. Was on hold for 70 minutes and when they finally picked up the call got disconnected. At this point my blood is boiling. Instead of going to jail, I decided to just let it go. 6-8 weeks go by and I get a call from the delivery people stating they have been trying to get a hold of me to deliver a rug. That is a lie! They had my number from the start but then all of the sudden they didnt?? I told the lady I canceled the order and she stated ok let me call the store to tell them. She put me on hold. I wished her luck as I knew the phone would just ring off the hook. She came back to me and said your right no one answers the phone. Welcome to my world lady! She said she would talk to her manager and have them contact the store to cancel my order since I cant reach anyone. Then a month later I get a bill from Synchrony bank. You have got to be kidding me! The funny part about this was I was told that I would not get a bill unless the merchandise was in my home. Never did I once get merchandise from you people. This is pathetic!!! I have already spread the word to not order from this store!! If you all don't cancel my order and erase this bill, I will get a lawyer. I have all the documentation I need. I already put a fraudulent case together with Synchrony Bank.

User's recommendation: Don't buy from Ashley Furniture!

Location: Fairfield, Ohio

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