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Not every company is perfect. However, if Ashley has become number 1 in North America and number 2 in the world, they must be doing something right!

For those of you complaining, maybe you should look at the person pointing the finger! My whole house is filled with Ashley Furniture and I couldnt be more pleased with the customer service, quality of the product and style.

And no, I'm not an Ashley employee. Just a dedicated customer that appreciates good quality product to make my home warm and comfortable for my family.

If you want low rated furniture, or to only spend $1.00 you should buy at a flea market.

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I was shopping at the Roseville store with my husband. I had come in on the recommendation of my sister and her husband.

They told me that they had to wait a few months the last time they ordered, but that the prices were really good for the quality they got. We were sitting on a sofa near their counter and there was an obnoxious man acting like a child. The lady behind the counter was trying to explain that she wasnt able to call te boss or the person in charge. He kept pointing his finger in her face and saying she was worthless and that she lied to him.

Evertime she'd ask what she couldve lied to him about he'd yell even louder! My husband wanted to grab the guy and toss him out but I told him to stay out of it (He's a big guy and could hut someone) But even I wanted to tell him to stop. He was being and *** and she was only trying to help him as much as she said she was able. We asked if she was okay when we saw her in the storage room.

She said it was fine and she understood that he was upset. I found out that she didnt even sell him the furniture! She is just trying to help out until eveything is caught up and all of the customers have their furniture and are happy. Sounds like a decent person to us!

I will be buying furniture again and I know we will come in asking for this lady! She was so nice and we couldnt believe the way people spoke to her and the girl who works there with blonde hair. We are just customers who were shocked how mean people could be even when they have someone helping them that doesnt even have to do this. She was just trying to be nice and do whats right.

Cant you be decent? Seriously, my husband is a big guy and you dont ever want him to find a grown man (even a short and kind of wimpy grown man) picking on any women.You will regret it!

If that isnt enough, is that how you make yourself feel manly? Picking on women and puppies-huh?


Comment to Tammy: I can appreciate your "loyalty" to your employer, Ashley Furniture. But, please don't put people down for voicing their issues.

Granted, there are many people who you won't make happy no matter what, but there are many of us who are having real issues with Ashley Furniture. Many of us have tried going through the proper channels to resolve the issues we're having, but aren't getting any help!


I am employed with Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. in Arcadia, WI.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to post your positive experience with Ashley Furniture.

It is very unfortunate that people feel the need to post their negative experiences rather than putting their time and energy into contacting the proper channels to assist them with finding a reasonable resolution to their situation. On behalf of Ashley Furniture, I wish you and your family many years of happiness with your Ashley purchase!

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