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First adn foremost, I never thought of myself doing this to anyone but enough is enough-My husband and I visited the store back in Oct-Nov time frame and noticed a Leather lv. Rm set with a tag priced extremely reasonable, after inquiring and starting the process with the salesman the Store manager got involved and to make the strory short he insinuated very condescending/arrogant and insulting that: Mistake #1 "we customers" do change the price tags in order to get furniture we want.

No where in the few seconds did he admit or even considered the possibility of his own staff making the mistake. He agreed to give us a "discount" only after he presented what would have been a reasonable and logical answer of: The price tag has a "vin" number that identifies the furniture, if he entered that in the system we would receive a complete different Lv. Rm. Set.

As we continued our purchases we decided to purchsea bedroom set as well and although delivery date was not set due to our moving the requesteda payment down and also offered the finance promotion, which we gladly took. When setting the delivery time we were informed that the orderwas not complete because they had to use our furniture for othr orders and therefore another delivery time for the missing parts would be set. A month and a half later they delivered a damaged leather sofa which to their favor it was picked up and re-delivered timely. However, when they delivered some of the pices in our bedroom they indicated that a balance was due at the spot in addition to the total already being financed!

We refused to pay and sign any paper, however, now that all furniture is delivered we still have an extra balance that Ashley has promised to remove from the finance charges as of a month ago and after talking to incompetent people that don't know what they are doing -putting you on hold and then telling you they will look into it but never call you back. Furthermore, the Finance they offer with GE General has a broken system overall with little room for customers to receive information from a live person and the voice system bounces you from one option to another leaving you frustrated and with no answers. Several times while logging into their link it does not work properly and locks you out saying your password does not match or it's incorrect andsometimes after a third (last attempt ) it lets you in some times it completely locks you out!

As of this date our account still shows an overcharge! Lesson Learned: NEVER PURCHASE FURNITURE FROM ASHLEY OR SAM'S LEVITS which are all the same.......

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

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Well, Ashley sent a technician from a company called Color Glo out to check the leather furniture that was in need of repair. The technician looked at the love seat and recliner and advised us he could not repair it.

He took pictures of the wear areas. He also made comment that one of the reasons he was sent out to check the furniture was to see if it had been abused. He stated it looked to be in excellent condition and taken care of very well. He further stated that Ashley Furniture had concerns about this issue, since th furniture had been in for repairs not to long ago.

He would now render a report back to Ashley Furniture and I would await their decision as to the next step. I attempted several calls to a person called Michelle in their Customer Service Department, left messages for her to call me back and to date no return call has been made to me. It appears this matter may have to be taken to small claims court for resolution. I will attempt another call to Customer Service and see if I can get some answers.

What bothers me the most, if I had taken out the extended warranty of the furniture and the hoops you have to jump through are totally uncalled for in my opinion.

All I can say is Buyer Be Ware when considering Ashley Furniture for your furniture needs! Their Customer Services is terrible!!!!


Well, it's happening to us - Our supposed leather love seat is starting to peel on one of the headrest areas - Red leather is now turning a black! Called Ashley to have someone come take a look - We took out the extended warranty, so we will see how that goes - They best fix or replace the damaged areas - I clean and use leather conditioner per their directions monthly - The bad thing - After we purchased this set, we found a much nicer set at Costco and it was constructed much better than this set is constructed and for way less than what we paid for this set.


I would never buy anything from Ashley ever again. My husband and I spent several thousand dollars in living room furniture including a leather love seat.

After a few months the leather on the top cushion was totally stripped. when we called customer service we were told we should not expect furniture to last as long as our "old furniture" did. when we mentioned the money we spent at the store, the rep replied "it was not that much". It took over six months to have someone replace the cushion while the rest of the couch disintegrated before our eyes.

Ashley refused to repair or replace the love seat.

We will have to buy a new one, never at Ashley's. Rude costumer service staff.


Just wait until your furniture starts falling apart.....That will just add to your Ashley experience.

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