On June 5, 2020, my wife and I went to the local Ashley store and after viewing several sofa sets, selected one that we both liked. At the time of purchased, we were told that due to the current pandemic, the sofas would not be delivered until July 14, 2020.

We were fine with that. The day after purchase through June 12th, I was receiving texts saying the items would be delivered on July 14th as promised. On July 13th, I received a text asking to select a delivery date from July 16th through July 18th and if I had any questions to call the listed number. I called and spoke to a female (did not get her name) who told me to disregard the text because the items were not in at the warehouse and for me to call back after July 18th to get an update.

On July 15th, I received a text saying to select a time for the sofa set to be delivered the next day July 16th. I called the number to confirm that the items were in and were going to be delivered as the text stated. The person who answered looked up the invoice and confirmed the items were in and would be delivered on July 16th as the text stated. I had just finished hanging up the phone when my phone started ringing again with the call coming from the same number.

It was another employee that told me the items would not be delivered on July 16th and I needed to select a date towards the end of the month for delivery. I told her I had just finished speaking with another employee who had confirmed that they would be delivered on July 16th. She became rude and told me if I wanted the items delivered, I needed to select a new date for delivery from the dates she had. I asked her if I could speak to a supervisor and she said she was the highest person there and again in a rude voice told me if I didn't like it, I could go to the store where I made the purchase and complain there.

I asked her for her name and she said her name was Blake. She refused to transfer me to a supervisor or to any other employee telling me she was in charge. She said she was going to hang up (which she did) because I would not give her a new delivery date. As you can imagine, by this time I was extremely frustrated not only with her but with the store in general for hiring incompetent and rude people who do not know about customer service.

I looked up and found a number to the corporate office and in frustration, called to let them know how they were treating the customers. When I called a male answered and asked how he could help me. I asked him for his m\name and he said his name was Richard. I told him I needed to speak to the CEO Mr.

Waneck or one of the corporate officers. He said he was one of them and how could he help me. I started to tell him what was going on and he rudely interrupted me and said " we are getting too many customer complaints like yours and we cannot do anything about it" and proceeded to hang up on me. I called right back to ask him why he hung up on me and he rudely told me to stop calling and hung up again.

By this time, I was fuming!! Even the corporate office was treating their customers like trash. I found another number to call and that is when Alexia answered. I began to tell her what was going on and immediately she apologized for the way I was being treated.

Finally, I was speaking to someone who cared about the customer!! She is a professional who knows how to treat customers!!! She told me she worked mainly with on line orders but she was going to do whatever it took to see what the problem was with my store purchase order and to make sure it was resolved. I was surprised that finally I found someone from the company who cared about the customers.

She got some information from me regarding the invoice and said for me to stay on the line while she researched to see what was the problem. After a few minutes, she came back on the line and said she had someone from the warehouse named Jesse who figured out what the problem was. She put him on the line and he explained to me that there was a glitch in the computer due to the 5-year extended service plan I had purchased for the sofa set. He said he was going to correct the problem and hopefully the confusion would end.

Alexia stayed on the line until she made sure that I was satisfied with the outcome. I told both of them that I really appreciated their help and thanks for correcting the problem. They were very professional. Alexia should be a corporate trainer on customer service because what I went through, they really need some training!!!

I would like for Alexia to be recognized for her professionalism and customer service

As for the sofa set, I AM STILL WAITING for it to be delivered!!!! This is my first purchase from Ashley's Furniture and will be my last one.....Maybe one day I will receive the items I purchased!!!!

User's recommendation: Go elsewhere!!! Beware!!!

Location: San Antonio, Texas

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