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Let me just begin by stating that I have never complained about any company in the past. But this is just a poor demonstration of organization and their inability to correct/rectify my issue.

I purchased a bed frame (Pinella Queen Sleigh Bed) on 8/21/12 and scheduled the delivery for 8/31/12. I took the day off in order to be available for the delivery. The delivery men called me about 10am and advised me of their ETA, they arrived on time about 30mins later. While they were unloading the bed frame I realized that it was a completely different bed frame which I did not order.

I advised the gentleman about the error, they sincerely and empathetically apologized and advised me to call into the store to let them know about the error made by the sales person. THIS IS WHEN IT STARTED!! I was on the phone for 45mins, I was left on hold the majority of the time and transferred multiple times, at one point I was on hold for so long that the *** music and message ended and it routed to an empty extension that rang for about 5mins forcing me to hang up and call again. I called back, and was transferred and put on hold several more times.

Frustrated, I advised the young lady of the situation, she showed concern, she addressed my issues, figured out that the sales person entered the wrong item number initiating the error. I advised her that I had taken the day off to take care of this and was it possible to arrange delivery for the same day. She stated that the soonest availability was for Tuesday 9/4/12, would schedule that delivery date but would see if she could expedite it any sooner, told me she would call me back, that return call never happened. No follow up call no nothing.

Thinking that the delivery was set for today, once again I took the day off. I waited till 1230pm, no call, no show. I called once again, someone answered quickly. Spoke to Nick, he could not find any delivery scheduled for me today, he could not get my address correct so I repeated my address multiple times along with my name.

He eventually found the order, apologized for the error but advised me that I would need to speak to the local store where the purchase was made. Very calmly, I expressed my frustration and dissatisfaction. He empathized with but assured someone would call me shortly. That phone call happened at 1231pm, its 309pm and no one has called.

There is absolutely no sense of urgency or attempt to fix this issue and its very unfortunate that, I have to sit here and wait for someone to show any type of concern. I'm not one to complain but this is truly the worst customer service experience I have ever had.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Bed.

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