Do not buy furniture from Ashley Furniture HomeStore. Their sales people lie to try to get you to buy their Extended Warranty by claiming all the crazy things they cover and how Ashley will repair or replace the furniture.

My sectional that I bought started to peel and flake very badly. I went to the store to use the extended warranty (which costed an additional $200). I was told that they don't handle the extended warranty and that its through a third party company called Montage Furniture. Something the salesperson failed to mention.

I called them and they told me they don't cover any of the things the sales person said and that he shouldn't have said any of that. I went back to the store to speak to the manager and he stated there is nothing they can do for me. Even though the furniture is a little over a year old and flaking horribly, they don't cover that. He stated it doesn't matter what the sales person said, it's not in the contract of the extended warranty.

So I'm under the impression Ashley's allows their sales people to lie to get you into an extended contract. After showing him pics of how bad the couch is, he stated that Ashleys furniture is of superior quality. Really? Such good quality that they don't stand behind them.

What really irritates me is that I have 2 more years of payments to make on this couch and I get to watch it deteriorate day by day with each payment. The couch will look great forever as long as you plan to never ever sit on it. Such horrible quality! Don't shop here and go to a place that stands behind their product and honors their warranty their sales people are selling.

Also on a side note, if you post anything negative on their facebook page, they delete it promptly instead of addressing the issue. This should speak volumes of their customer service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sales Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Dayton, Ohio, United States #942851

Do they let you read the extended warranty, which should state what it covers, before you sign?

Clintonville, Wisconsin, United States #904552

I bought it for a table I bought, then a year later it broke in half. The screws holding the top to the frame had pulled the in-bedded nuts out of the top piece.

And it was not covered, because they said loose screws weren't covered.

no help from the store. NEVER AGAIN ASHLEY

Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States #831874

Call them and ask for the remaining money back on the extended warranty. It is legally within your right to do so, since what has happened to the furniture is EXACTLY what you paid for.

We had the same problem with Montage, on an Ashley piece but did not purchase it from the Ashley store. Before they turned you down also. They should have sent a repair/service person to evaluate the piece to determine if it was "defective". I have a feeling the couch the showed you and the couch you received is a prime example of "bait & switch".

Were you told it was "top grain leather" but received "vinyl/pleather/polyester blend"? This is indeed a typical "bait & switch", & have experience this first hand with what was suppose to be 100% leather but turned out to be "fake leather that was off-gassing"

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada #704747

Agree 100%

We purchased the extended warranty on a leather couch and love seat. Love seat had a spring pop, and tear out the back panel. Repair guy comes in to repair the spring, and says he will order the leather back panel to replace it. After months of run around, and finally talking to the manager, they no longer make that colour.

All of the sales team were more than willing to sell me another set, because there was not even one piece in the store that matched ours. Warranty even states that if it was a matched set, they would buy out the other piece to keep the customer with a set. Of course they did not offer even close to enough to cover the replacement.

I even requested that they let me go get the panel replaced at a local leather store, and submit the bill to be covered, and nope, seems that if i did that, they would not make another sale.



Wow I was just looking to buy all new furniture...I wanted ashley but after reading this I am looking somewhere else...THank you for the warning...and PLEASE contact BBB that helps everyone!

to mooncasa616 #703635

I just purchased a chair and sofa reclining the stuffing is nothing like it should be. Do not choose Ashley furniture.

My furniture is not even here a week.

soo disappointed ! !

Amarillo, Texas, United States #701090

I will remember this little ordeal..Thanks for sharing this info...This oughta be good for their business...Customer never right !!!!!!!!!!!!


Newport Beach, California, United States #700029

I would absolutely contact the Better Business Bureau for resolution. I'll bet they can get satisfaction for you.

They're really good when the complaint is as understandable and clear as this situation. I would also go to the District Manager for this store while also contacting their corporate headquarters, specifically the President of the company. Copy this complaint and photo when contacting them and send to their headquarters USPS return receipt requested addressed to the President. That way it will go to his office for signature.

Do you have a local news action team that fields customer complaints and local business abuses? What about the local Chamber of Commerce? Hit them from all sides and I can assure you you will get what you want.

Best of luck to you.

Dallas, Texas, United States #699860

It's not just them, Rooms to go dooes the same thing, they all do to up sell their packages.We bought our furniture and it cane with televisions and before the TV was a couple a months old the picture had lines so we called they told us we had to call Best Buy we asked for what, the warranty. Just another way for companies to get your money and do nothing for it....

Syracuse, New York, United States #699778

I agree about Ashley furn. same thing happened to us with a recliner chair pd a lot for it and it is all faded and peeled, they will not do anything it is only a yr.


never will we go near that store again. Raymours is the only store I will shop in.we have bought a lot there and it is beautiful and top quality.

Yorba Linda, California, United States #699686

You are an ***. Costed?

That's not a word in the English language. It's cost. It cost more money. Did you read the information about the warranty?

It clearly tells you what is covered. If you have read it, you would have known that the sales person misrepresented what it would cover. Then you could have taken it up with the manager the day you bought it and at at least gotten the cost of the warranty refunded.

Just for future reference, you are bound by the terms and conditions even if you never bother to read them.

to TuesdayReyn Tampa, Florida, United States #699761

do not listen to this ***! although we USUALLY are bound by TOS in any contract...what people fail to realize is that THEY also have to follow TOS........and if (during your purchase) you are given false information about your purchase......the TOS is void.

any small time lawyer can get u out of your payments AND get you NEW furniture...or at the very least, a huge law suit. it IS still illegal to sell someone something by lying about what it entails....

you are a better person than me....i would be in court with them right now and they would be publicly ridiculed throughout the entire process!! newspaper articles help as well...just remember to always use truth and facts in your article so you cannot be sued by company for slander.

to TuesdayReyn Columbus, Georgia, United States #700125

RE: TuesdayReyn. Personal attacks are deleted?

REALLY--Well, Mr. Moderator, you missed this one. So what if she made a typo or any other error, Tuesday Rain! You must work for Ashley.

Why else would you attack the victim here.

YOU are the a$$. Shut up!

Greenfield, Indiana, United States #699679

I don't tweet but I understand it can be very effective


Report them to the Better Business Bureau (BBB.org/us)and ask them for help. Also file a complaint against them with the Consumer Protection Agency and your State Attorney General.

The only way to stop this kind of fraud is to hold them accountable. If you don't get satisfaction this way then file a complaint with the Small Claims Court.

The last thing these shysters want is to be brought before a judge. GOOD LUCK!!

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