Michael and Danny From Ashley Furniture Breached our Sales Contract and did NOT deliver my order, by the Contract End Date of June 23, 2021. We are now in September 2021 and still, you didn't deliver my order as promised by our Sales Contract.

On July 17, 2021, I went to your store to file my formal Order Cancellation. Instead of honoring my cancellation request, due to your Breach of Contract, they blatantly refused and basically told me Too Bad So Sad. You will not cancel the Order!!!! Ive made many attempts to call to cancel, since then.

I have the phone records, but they continue to Bully Me and use Fraudulent Business Practices as a Malicious Act to Rip Me off. They train their staff to be Bullies; To not Honor your Sales Contracts, but Bully Me into keeping the Sales Contract!!! How convenient for them it must be nice to act like the MOB!!!! Im not the only complaint.

All anyone has to do is go to the BBB and look at your Ashley Homestore in Winchester, VA and theyll see you rank an F, with 1 Star out of 5. They have at least 456 complaints over 3 years (Averages 13 Complaints/month) and at least 223 complaints over the last 12 months (Averages 19 Complaints/month). their service is getting worse or maybe the consumers are getting more tired.

them.. last 12 months (Averages 19 Complaints/month).

User's recommendation: go to Schewel Furniture Company.

Location: Winchester, Virginia

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