Stone Mountain, Georgia

Ashley sales person showed me spec which assured me a Sealy Firm bed with 980 inner coil springs (King size). I selected the bed. In less than three months, the bed sinks and causes back pain for me every night. I am a small frame person weighing 142 lbs.

I called the store to find a manager and wanted to talk to the sales person. She was not around and did not return my phone call messages left with the so called store manager. By the way, every other person in the store is a store manager. Hence no one will take responsibility to resolve the problem.

Ashley will take your money, make you sign a list of items you are buying with their code numbers not transparent with the description and quality reference such coil count for a firm bed. The sales receipt you sign will be coded also, all designed to confuse the customer and deliver a poor quality material.

Oh, they have a customer service, they will brag about. If there is problem you complain about they will refer your case to the customer service located in a far away state. Customer service will call you and send you a technitian who will force you to accept that you are wrong and if you complain further, customer service will bully you.

Before I complained on the quality of the mattress, I had problem with the bed (headboard, footboard and the cross member) itself. I got tired of this customer service and went to the store and found the sales person. She played innocence of delivering the high bed when I ordered a low bed with low profile box spring.

I was fortunate to convince the store manager and ended up paying more for a low bed to replace the wrong one I received in the first place. Coming back to the mattress issue, they played a warrantee game to make Sealy to replace the bed. Again a technitian comes and I had to watch a drama which concluded by Ashley determining that I selected the bed to cause pain in my back.

While I was being harassed by Ashley store manager, this time another one, I never saw, I found the label on the mattress says cushion firm which is a misnomer, not inner spring coils to support the back. Ashley took my $1200 + tax and I have to sleep on a aching bed.

Consumer be aware, do not buy from Ashley Home Furniture. Otherwise you will suffer like me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Bed.

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jj, you just aren't a very intelligent person, are you. I have had my mattress for six years.

I sleep on the same side every night, rarely ever moving after I fall asleep. I'm not a small person, I weigh around 150. You can't even tell what side I sleep on. There are NO indentations, no body impressions, nothing to show where I sleep.

No mattress should wear down or sag if it's a decent one.

Especially in less than 3 month's time. That's just asinine.


to jj. you must work for Ashley.

you are probably one of the techs sent out to look at mattresses.

it is exactly this type of attitude that everyone is complaining about.

You just don't get it do you??


Most all mattresses show a body impression,wheather u paid 5 dollars of 5,000 dollars.its like a shoe,you wear the shoe everyday eventually you can see your foot print same with a mattress........people who complain about mattresses are idiots!!!if you have a bad back you have a bad back and no mattress will cure it .it may feel good for a while but eventually your back is going to hurt again.....***!

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