Indianapolis, Indiana

OK, so i went to Ashleys furniture and purchased hole house worth of furniture. I was told it would be 2-4 wks before we would receive it, OK no problem; Right?

On the forth week " the allotted time" we had let go of our couch, kitchen table, and our two oldest-es beds in anticipation of the furniture. We received no phone call on the furniture being late; or any call for that matter! I called to find out what day this week it would be arriving and was told that the furniture would not be in until the 24 of April. YA, I PAIED IN FULL FOR THIS ON THE 15 OF FEB.

So i called the corporate office and talked till i was blue in the face. The best i had received was I'm sorry! The only thing i can do is give you your 85.00 delivery fee off. REALLY?

I asked for a refund and they were going to charge me a 25% restocking fee for furniture they don't even have. I have five kids. Two witch can't even sleep on a couch now!

Only on the floor or with the other kids, and now we eat of the floor for another month.


Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

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yeah they told me the same thing did not *** the fee then 2 weeks later broke the sheet rock in my brand new home. can you say CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!


I too am living a Ashley Furniture Nightmare!

At what point do we take these issues to our News Channel and have them really let the public know what this company is like!!

We puchased a sofa in Dec 2009 and the frame had bowed on it and this was confirmed by their tech that came to our home and took photos of this.

They have had our sofa since March in their warehouse and had tried to return it to our home twice without been repaired and on top of that they have taken a chip out of the leg of our sofa!!

We are now waiting for someone to come to our home tomorrow to inspect the Love Seat that has a arm caving in!!!!

My last sofa set was purchased 11 years ago and I Paid $1000.00 less for a much higher quality of product from a liquation world store!!

We sent a letter to the BBB and recieved a email back from the company stating that they have been unable to find a problem with the sofa but in the matter of customer relations they are going to replace our sofa!!!

They are not even standing behind their tech in this matter and basically calling us liars!!

Why would I call them to report this issue and put myself through this NIGHTMARE if there was no issue with my sofa???

I have worked in retail for 25 years and have NEVER heard of such harrassment from a company when they sell you defective items!!

Will never shop there again!!!!

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