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I want to start out by saying it is the worst furniture

you could buy! There craftmanship is terrible.

I have read alot of the reviews written an i agree

with all of them. and Ashley also has the worst warranty in the market

There customer service is very very poor. I give them an F!

Do not give owners of Ashley Furniture any of your

hard earned money.They also sucker into financing

your furniture. which is a bad mistake. If you can't

afford do not finance it.

Buy your furniture from quality manufacturers such

as berkline,flexsteeland lazyboy

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I will never go to Ashley furniture again the Woodbridge one is the worse customers service and they discriminate you. They took my money from my account without my permeation by changing my sale tacket and also if you go for shopping and you have store credit they will rip you off.


Thank you for the heads up. My first purchase ever with Ashley and I am trying to file a complaint.

I just found out the store is privately owned so there goes my consumer complaint within the corporation. All over a pillow they haven't delivered that they now want me to drive over an hour to pick up, two months later (wow). I guess spending $2,300.00 on a bedroom purchase meant nothing for my $69 pillow that was included.

This is ludicrous, seeking legal assistance at this point. Requesting a full refund.


You are so absolutely correct. In March 2014, I spent almost $4,000.00 on what I thought was high end leather recliner sofas.

I was pushed into buying thier Guardsman insurance.

When the screws fell out and the leather discolored in October 2015, the insurance company refuaed to fix the damage as promised at sale.

Never buy from this company.

Look for an American made in the USA company that has a return policy. During my investigation, I discovered this junk was made in China.

Caviat emptor


Yep ASHLEY Furniture sucky too many of the dickens...

ONCE UPON A TIME.. Ashley Furniture was a good name, but that was decades ago!


We purchased a king size memory foam bed, the frame, and the box springs. It is a piece of ***.

After sleeping on it for six months the bed started sagging. The box springs are not sturdy and the frame squeaks. We paid a $1,000 for this piece of ***. It suppose for have a 5 year warranty, but now we found out that does not cover the frame.

We also put a sofa and recliner on layaway. First they told us we could paid the balance when we came to pick up the furniture. Then they said no, we have to have at least half down. 1st payment was $286.00, 2nd payment was $284.21.

So we were waiting for them to call us they said 2-4 weeks , we said ok, this was in the month of March 2011, we thought we would definitely have it by Mother's Day. No, No. We called and they said the whole balance had to be paid before they could even order it. We have put down $570.21 and we refuse for pay another 570.00 to get it out.

Can't something be done about this.

Can we start a class action suit against these people? Someone please post and let us know.


We have been dealing with these bunch of *** since July 2012 and they still can't get our furniture right. We bought a bed and they have broken it twice now and we still can't use it.

My wife spoke with customer service in Arlington, Texas and they were absolutely rude. Desiree, Sandra and Calvin Epps (who is supposed to be a Manager)basically told us to get *** DO NOT buy anything from this company.

They will not help you nor listen to what you have to say. Oh, and they also said that it's not their problem and they do not give refunds.


j repper, it is really sad that you are calling people *** when you do not know them at all! I bought my entire furniture set in January 2012 and one week later it looked like ***, so no I don't think it had anything to do with the way it was treated.

Congrats on your furniture looking great for 7 years. Unfortunately most people have not had that same kind of luck. And obviously you have never had to deal with them behind the scenes trying to get help in fixing your furniture.

It is a nightmare. So until you can speak from experience then keep your mouth shut!!!!


My son bought Ashley furniture in Ca 9 months ago and he has had to replace his loveseat and now they will have to replace is sofa. They are given him a very hard time over this.

The store the Ca is not working with him over this matter, so I will be writing to the main company to see what if anything can be done, I too work at a Ashley store in NJ and for the most part our furniture is made very well. There are always going to be a piece here and there that will not be.


I'll say -- Ashley Furniture has the WORST quality of any furniture I have ever bough period. I bought a sofa and loveseat last July and they both already have horrible discoloration on the leather.

Ashley won't do anything because it's four months out of warranty.

I wish I had read the reviews before I bought from there. Other buyers BEWARE!


Ashley Furniture is has no communication skills what so ever. I bought the eggplant set.

1 love seat one sofa an the ottoman and the accent chair. I paid 5k for it all let me tell u something the Ashley's Furniture is the worst. The Accent chair was delievered 4 times to me. Each time they sent a new one.

Now being the 4th time they refused to send it back to me and worst part of it all is that they will only give me credit back for the accent chair. not the full set. From 5k i would get 354.00. thats it.

I painted my living room to match the most awful color in the world and it isnt like bobs furniture they replace until u are satisfied and they are more of a furniture store then Ashley's will ever be.

The problem is that 5,000 dollars turns into 354.00 dollars. that is *** i dont want hafe of the funiture i want a matching set.


I will NEVER buy from ashley furniture again! 100% unhappy with the furniture and customer service is horrible.


I bought furniture from ashley never did get the furniture or my money back so im fileing charges aginst them


I currently work for an Ashley store in N.J., maybe the quality is not the best, but all people can not afford the top end of the business. People have to understand when you can furnish a whole house for under $10,000 it's not going to be of the same quality as paying that for a dining room somewhere else.

It's just like any other business or product, you get what you pay for. It's unfair to blame the Ashley name or product on most of these complaints as the stores are licensees of Ashley and the business and policies are decided by the store owners.

The owner of the store I work at is very honest, puts the customer first and I have yet to see a problem that is not backed by him or his managers. When I sell I am very honest that the product is at a "middle of the road" price point and several different levels of quality


Each ashley store is individualy owned and operated. They are only as good as the people that own them. The store I worked for always took care of the customer.


I am concerned that a "store owner" would be in position to handle store/employee/financing operations and misuse "there" and "their". If the allegations are indeed true they are made susspect by the presentation and lack of detail.


I bought an Ashley chaise lounge and overstuffed recliner/rocker both in the cocoa Durapella 2 years ago. Both have had a lot of use, but the recliner more so. About 6 months ago I noticed that a srping had come loose on the bottom of the chaise (found it while moving it, cut my hand) and decided to inspect the chaise a little better.

What I found was that the wood (if you can in fact call it "wood") was mere particle board that had been made to be as thick as a solid piece of wood. I was expecting maybe pine at the very least.

There is also a great deal of shaped card board on both the chaise and the recliner.

The fabric lives up to it's name though, as both items have withstood countless bombardments from soda and spagetti sauce as well as ink, and all of it, ALL OF IT was cleaned with water and a soft towel.

I paid just over $750 for both, which I still feel is a good deal, but I will be replacing both items with more durable and long lasting furniture soon.

With my rant said, I do not say that they (Ashley) have bad craftsmanship, but rather, a poor taste in selecting quality materials for producing their furniture. They do, however, price their items to reflect what they do put into them.

If the author was in fact an owner of an Ashley's store I would like him/her to ellaborate on what exactly s/he found that was so substandard.


i have ashley furnitur in my its abou 7 years old and it still looks brand new ,maybe you all abuse it ans treat it like ***,like the people you are!!


WOW. I was a road rep for Ashley for a few years.

They'll let anyone get suckered into buying a homestore. Then they nail you down to this contract and make you sell all their *** while encouraging the reps to pump it all to the competition around.

Its a big monkey f*%&. There is little to no integrity throughout the entire operation.

@Ashley Road Rep

We can all see now why you were FIRED!! No one should hire a thicky like you.


Then again - maybe he was actually an owner. Kinda explains why they are *** so many people off.

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