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We purchased over $6,000 of furniture in March of 2012 along with an extended 5-year full coverage warrantee.

Our living room set consisted of a double recliner couch, a recliner/rocker loveseat and a recliner/rocker.

First our delivery date was pushed back.

Then the recliner/rocker was delivered inoperable and had to have a replacement part.

Within four months the loveseat recliner/rocker broke and all of the mechanical parts underneath had to be replaced.

At that same time when the repairman turned over the furniture to check it, we noticed rips on several of the corners of our couch and loveseat. We were told by the repairman that neither of our warrantees would cover the rips even though they were factory defaults because 1. we did not notice them within the 3 day period after delivery and 2. that he personally was the deciding factor and he said he refused to fix them because he didn’t believe we had a 5-year warrantee despite our receipt and the verification from his commanding office.

He then proceeded to replace all of the parts under our loveseat and in the process, he permanently rippled and tore the leather on arm of our chair.

We went back and forth for months with the office telling us we of course were covered for rips under BOTH warrantees, while the repairman continued to refuse to fix them.

Finally a different repairman was ordered to repair all of the rips and then he attempted to fix the ripples and tear to the arm of the chair that the previous repairman created. He pulled out a staple gun and butchered the leather with 12 industrial size visible staples! We were outraged and refused to sign his paperwork and escorted him to the door.

The office agreed they’d replace the whole arm of the chair but then sent the wrong parts not once, but twice and claimed to have sent one part for a third time to the wrong address (even though they called and asked us to verify our address in writing in an email). Instead the claim they sent it to an address we lived at 6 months prior.

So, here it is one year later in March of 2013 and the first guy returns and tells us the repair with the staple gun was done satisfactorily and didn’t see a need to correct it. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Our furniture was delivered DAMAGED, has had to have MAJOR REPAIRS to all 3 pieces, was then damaged even more by Ashley Furniture’s repairmen’s NEGLIGENCE while we have been OVERLY INCONVENIENCED waiting on repairmen, missed scheduled appointments, delivery of wrong parts and wasting countless hours of our time fighting for these issues to be resolved and for Ashley Furniture to uphold their responsibilities and obligations. We’ve tried repeatedly to contact the location’s manager, to no avail. They hang up when we ask for him and he has not returned any of our calls!

At this point, we can verifiably argue that Ashley Furniture has been severely negligent, stalling and incompetent of repairing the furniture and their workmanship cannot be trusted!

I wouldn’t buy a stick from this company EVER again!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Furniture Set.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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