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I live in Jonesboro, Arkansas so therefore, I shop in the Jonesboro store. Memphis, Tn is about an hour and a half away from me.

Now my story...

I have bought from Ashley for a he last 15 years: no where else; just Ashley Furniture.

I bought a sectional 4 years ago and purchased the insurance for it as well.

long story short: the material the furniture was made from peeled. I called insurance but they wouldn’t touch it. I called customer service and they filed a peeling claim for me. It took a few weeks but Ashley gave me store credits of $2559.00 to replace it with any live no room suit they had. I was happy until I get to the Jonesboro store where I am told that what I picked out is on sale and they will have to mark it back up to regular price to sell it to me. .

(Anyone that knows me knows I do not pay full price for anything! I am a bargain shopper.) So when I leave I call Memphis stores and I see if this is in fact the procedure and they said “no of course not”. I did, however, get. 30% coupon in an email that they eventually took. So I did finally get my furniture. Now , I still have my $349.99 insurance credit to spend . I was informed that I have 6 months to use it and my time is almost over. We are going thru the same thing again over this store credit THAT I PAID FOR! No, they did not give it to me I PAID FOR IT. So it’s like a gift card pretty much. The manager in Jonesboro refused to let me but a rug that was on sale unless they mark it back up again and no coupons either.

Best way to explain it;

This $900 rug is on sale for $500. I want to use my credit to pay the $349.99 and pay rest in cash . They said “NO!”

It will be $900 and they will take the $349.99 off and I have to pay the $ 550.01 in cash. Now Who would be stupid enough to do that? Lol!! I assure you that I am not! I explain to him that I have called customer service and Memphis stores to make sure I can use it on sale merchandise ( who ALL SAID YES I COULD) his remark was “ Well you need to go to Memphis then”.

I will be going to Memphis from now on to buy my furniture. But I SHOULDNT HAVE TO DRIVE THAT FAR when I have a store right here in my town. This store manager refused to listen or call his bosses to see what was right. He just stated for me to leave and go to Memphis. .

If something isn’t done about him I believe Ashley furniture in Jonesboro Arkansas will start to lose business and money . Customers will not continue to shop there and be talked to and treated that way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Ashley Furniture Pros: Guys who made actual delivery were very nice.

Ashley Furniture Cons: Customer satisfaction unimportant, Resolution to problem.

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QUOTE : " long story short " ... no, a long story long.

Horrible cheesy "leather" furniture is not aniline vat dyed full hides like the good old stuff, just basically sprayed on to what amounts to leather laminate. It crumbles quickly under normal use but looks like damage.

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