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I bought some furniture from Ashley Furniture In San Antonio 10 days before the Super Bowl and told the salesman that I needed the furniture by the saturday before the Super Bowl, he checked to see If the furniture was In stock and guaranteed me I would get It by then, I got a call on friday saying I would not be getting It till Tuesday, I took off work and now It's 10pm on Tuesday and still no furniture, I would recommend anyone thinking about buying from Ashley to RUN and RUN fast, they are liars and crooks.

Monetary Loss: $2300.

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Our furniture is over six weeks late and they will do nothing for us. The salesman told me he was a manager and could guarantee the furniture would be in by the first of July- we made the purchase June 16th.

Come to find out, the "manager" was not a manager at all and just said that! When I spoke to a real manager he told me that it was my fault I was so trusting.

Please don't shop at Ashley's. They are crooks and are running a very shady ship!


My furniture is already three days late from the fourteen days they originally quoted me.


I wish I read the reviews before going to Ashley Furniture. They have nice stuff but it's a hige headache after you pay and sign. These people are crooks.


I ordered a dining room set and a small sofa. It's been over a month, I have recieved 6 delivery dates.

I am PISSED, they LIE to me on the phone and the moment I get upset or show any feeling they HANG UP ON ME. Needless to say I got my money back and they wasted my time.

These people are unprofessional and do not deserve business AT ALL. DONT GO THERE!


I agree! I oredered a sectional frmo Ashley and I live in NV.

I have already gotten 4 delivery dates...if it doesn't come on the date they said im getting my money back. THEY LIE and I am surprised they are still in business.

I wouldn't go there. trust me.


Man I wish i would have known about this website before I made the mistake of buying a sectional from them, they have pushed out date back twice. The only reason we decided to buy it was because we were promised by the sales man it wouldn't be late but possibly early. He was just a man looking for a sale.


I'm going through the same thing,I purchased a bed room set on 11-15-09 and still have not recieved it. i'v called them 5 times and they have given me different delivery dates.

I told them if i dont' get my funiture, im going to get my money back and hung up on them.

By the way i purchased from Bakersfield, ca

People dont waste your time and money at ashely funiture. they are bunch of sorry idiots!poorly run company!

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