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I bought a leather couch at Ashley's Furniture in Lakeland, Florida for $500.00 about 4 years ago. Until the last 6 months, the couch has been unused.

Recently, we have been using the couch and the top layer is peeling off. This is almost like a leather veneer, or better yet, plastic. The company was informed, both at the store and corporate levels.

I was informed that my warranty has elapsed, and that there was nothing that would be done about the couch.

This certainly seems to fit into the category of misrepresentation and fraud, and I have threatened them to bring them to court. Obviously this has not changed their attitude.

Considering the actions of the company and the number of complaints that have been expressed, I would like to know if there is any interest in a class action suit against this company. The only way to stop the misleading and false merchandising is to strike them where it hurts.

That is, their wallets. I am a busy person, but if there is any interest, I will see what I can do to coordinate action against this company.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Just wanted to add that we did get the check a month late but we did get it, and our leather from them was $2700.00


A 500.00 Leather couch??? Are you kidding me.

What do you expect? Shop around and you will see the cost of leather....real leather.


:( Still no check was supose to be sent Nov 12 found out today nothing has been done with our refund. Supose to be done now this Friday. How are they number 1 !!!!


My leather from Ashley Furniture started peeling in tiny spots within the first 9 days. Thanks to all of you I complained right away.

They wanted to send someone out to fix it but said they could get anyone out until the 15th day of my delivery. One day passed my 14th day to return it for cash. When I ask them to send someone sooner they said no, if I did not want it after tech came I could chose something eles in the store. I told them no I will return it right now for my full cash refund.

Which by the way for them does not include the delievery fee I paid and I have to pay for them to pick it up. They said they would pick it up. When they came the driver would not take it because it was not in showroom quality because of the spots. I have never been so angery.

While I was calling customer service the drivers left without the furniture. They told me there was a mix up and they would resend someone out in two days. That was 30 min. ago and they did take it.

A check to me is supose to be in the mail by today minus $119 fee to delivery to me and a $99 fee for them to pick it up.

I'll let you know if I get the check. Why are they still selling this *** spray painted leather?????


I owe a peeling leather sectional I regardfully purchased at Ashley two years ago that neither the 5 year protection plan nor the store can do anything for me because my 1 year warranty is over. How convenient for them (but not for me).

So now i'm stuck with a $3000 peeling leather sectional that is not worth two bucks. I hope folks would read this and spread the word about Ashley furniture.

I wouldn't even purchase a picture frame from them ever again. :(

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