Fort Wayne, Indiana
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My wife and I bought a leather sectional from Ashley Furniture in Fort Wayne Indiana less than three years ago. It was supposedly one of their nicer leather sectionals.

We purchased the extended warranty. The leather has began to crack, peel and deteriorate. We contacted Ashley Furniture and they say this issue is not covered by the warranty. Considering how much we spent on this sectional it should last longer than 2.5 years.

We aren't even tough on our furniture.

It's just my wife and I. We will never purchase furniture from them again and I encourage everyone to think twice before buying anything from them.

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Same here ... I spent a good amount of cash on some new furniture from Ashley in Virginia Beach, VA when I was moving into my condo ...

3 pieces (a, what I call now pleather couch, chair and ottoman to go with the chair at some 1200 bucks - I was a grad student at the time, so that's a lot of money). Bought the extended warranty to go with it ... and needless to say, about a year or so later I moved across state lines and took the furniture with me. During the move, the sofa was somehow stained and low and behold, the company denied my claim for cleaning.

A few months after the move, the cushions started sagging terribly, to the point where I now roll into the middle of the couch. Then, a few weeks after that, the leather started peeling off the cushions and again ... no coverage ... I am wondering what I bought the coverage for to begin with ...

but with that being said, I will never, ever spend my money at this place again. They'll serve you gold plated lies on a silver platter and have apparently never heard of customer care before.

Worthless. I'll rather sit on beach chairs.

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