Santa Fe, New Mexico
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I purchased a (so I was told) leather sectional 5 years ago. Just recently the leather started pulling away from the back fabric.

I purchased the couch at the Altamonte Springs Store. I did have a waurunty,but it has expired. I called a representative who does repairs for Ashley and he came out to see the couch.

He said that there was nothing he could do and told me to get an upholsterer to look at it.I had an upholsterer come to the house and look at it and they said the couch is not leather. I have tried to contact Ashley and they have not replied.

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On the date of 10/24/11

I purchased a living room set from Ashley Furniture .The set consisted of ,A couch and love seat, 2 end tables ,one soft table.I thought I was buying a quality product

The couch and love seat of made of a material called DURA/BLEND. This material was said to be a leather,synthetic blend. I was told by Ashley that this was more durable then leather,and not as hot in the summer,Also better than leather .I was lead to believe .Well today's date 11/12/11. The couch is peeling every ware you sit .I bought an extended warranty .Guess what the warranty dose not cover PEELING ,What a joke. So now I am stuck with a couch and love seat that s ready for the garbage man.Two of the end tables , paint is coming off.What did they use Water paint ?? As for the local the local ,this is not there fault .I am not blaming them.The local store is forced to buy there furniture from Ashley Warehouse.All of there furniture come from here

Ashley Home Stores, Ltd. | One Ashley Way | Arcadia, WI 54612

The local store was kind enough to offer me 30 percent a new set.The ASHLEY CORPORATION has not helped me ,and I suspect well to continue to run and hide.Any body looking for furniture??

Well maybe you now know, where not to make your purchase.

Johnny L. Droid bionic


If your buying skills are as elite as your spelling and sentence structure, you deserve to be laughed at. BTW ***, there is no "back fabric" on 100% leather. Also, your "waurunty" does not cover stupidity.

Arie M

My advice to you is to:

1. Use Spell Check.

2. Take a remedial writing class

3. Get tested to see if you have Downs Syndrome.

Good Luck!

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