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I bought 2 Leather Sofas from Ashley's April of 2010 & purchased a warranty on them too $1,500 is what I paid for them. I had them no more then 2 years & they started peeling.

I called Ashley's to put in a report so they sent me paper work to fill out. I filled them out & sent them in to be told "Sorry we don't cover defeats in the sofas only accidental. So I told them my kid flopped down on the sofa to sit & it "accidentally" ripped. They laughed at me & said I was crazy to even think they would cover THEIR DEFEATED sofas with my response.

I have gotten no where with them! I have since posted pictures of my sofas on their Facebook Page every chance I get to show people what happens when they buy from this place.

Ashley continues to post to contact them on this issue which I have to only have the same supervisor that laughed at me in the first place. There has to be something that can be done about this dishonesty this place is doing to customers.

Review about: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

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Sacramento, California, United States #1343212

i have problem ashley furtniture too!!!!!! what is the purpose of there conformation call?they called to conform my order, witch was a couch to be delivered JUNE 26.

next day. i get a text says couch isnt "manufactured" yet and says its gonna be delivered later.

JUNE 30!!!'I ordered the couch JUNE 1!!! how come its almost a month n they cant build it yet???

Forest City, Pennsylvania, United States #1337305

I'd park that sucker in front of the store with signs on it....

Pinellas Park, Florida, United States #1328781

That is NOT leather. Its fabric called durablend.Nearly Impossible to get real leather at Ashley for $1500 let alone both pieces. Sorry your sales person didnt tell you or you misunderstood.

Miami, Florida, United States #1303374

Take them to small claims court.

Belmar, New Jersey, United States #1250871

We have to do a class a action sue to Ashley company for bad products to ripped clients or boycott they products

to edgar yaver #1382883

Let's do it!

Belmar, New Jersey, United States #1250867

I Buy a sofa and 2 chairs and star to peeling after 1 year of purchase. I call Ashley and they tell me that is my problem and they no resolve of helping me with the problem. The best thing is to sue this company for dishonesty business practices.

Butler, Pennsylvania, United States #1243626

I had the same issue with Value City furniture. VCF is worse !

Highland, Indiana, United States #1236635

Our sofa started peeling too.


I have the same problem, of course we were fed the same load of ***, that the warranty would cover everything. Bull! Nothing bud lies.


Im not sure where you at stop dealing with the store go to corporate. Post to there page non stop .

Not the stores page the actual main store . You will get some awnsers .


I am really stunned, at your pictures. I feel your pain.

Sincerely my heart goes ot to you. But the only thing I can say is im glad it's not me. I know that sounds cruel. But I nw knw because of your brave comments, that Ashley's is off my shopping list.

Thank you so much for your comments. Good luck too you.


Yes. Similar defects happening on my sofaa which I paid $1500.

Dont buy from them. They dont cover peeling.

Daytime robbery. They dont stand behind quality of their sofas

to Anonymous Evensville, Tennessee, United States #1162980

You are telling the truth,Ashley is owned by Knoxville Wholesale .I purchased a sofa,chair and ottoman.sofa started coming apart after 1 year.They could care less,talked down to me acting like it was my fault.I live alone,have no animals and no kids.

Manager wanted to tell me they were a multimillion dollar company ,and I said I don't care unless you have good customer service you don't have anything to brag about.I asked him if he had gone on line and read the reviews and he replied that it was people like me that had given them bad reviews because I didn't get my way,so I guess it is too much to ask for if you are asking for quality.Do not buy anything from Ashley or Knoxville wholesale warehouse they are not a reputable company! Thank you!

to Anonymous Pinellas Park, Florida, United States #1328779

Sorry about your experience but if you bought direct from the distributor the company is owned by the original family. The company is owned by father and son team Ron and Todd Wanek.

Ashley Furniture manufactures and distributes home furniture.

Sounds like you bought from one of the mom n pop stores that Ashley creates furniture for. Which wont have the extras added in because thosr type of stores dont want to pay for that.

Go to the Ashley retail stores for the better quality versions. Cant blame Ashley for deceptive sales pitches from the mom n pop stores.

to Anonymous #1463326

All ashley product that is sold at all mom and pops stores as well as the Ashley home stores is made the same way . It’s the same product ..

Comes from the same factories ..Most of the sales persons at any store fail to explain t the customers the difference between real genuine leather and the lookalike materials . Dura Blend, Bonded leather , polyurethane etc etc. As a customer you need to ask all the questions you can .

But one thing i do know is that you will not find a good quality top grain leather sofa for less that $1,000 for the sofa only .. if you find a sofa less that $1,000 and is is being sold as a “Leather Product “ it probably isn’t ..


The problem is not that is not real leather here. The problem is they are using the lowest quality chinese stuff.

Ripping people off. My mother have this ashley living room set a year and a half after purchase they are peeleing of and with very light use. Ashley used good quality durable faux leather back in the days. I guess they need a lawsuit to correct the fault.

Some one mentioned here for $1500 you get what you pay for that is bull..... A serious company should have a serious quality standard.

By the way one of my living room sets was purchased at a ghetto furniture store for $800 ten year ago and they are still pretty solid no rips just a little discoloration with heavy use from my 3 kids. Some times you can get better deal at you local neighborhood furniture than big stores like Nebraska Furniture mart.


I purchased leather from Ashley 6 years ago. My boys were 17, 15, 13, and 10.

Its been beat to death but still has a few good years left. No pealing mostly just fading from the sun hitting it. Definitely shows wear. A little stretching and one tear, but underneath, not even on the leather part.

Not even sure how it could have gotten there. Been fairly satisfied

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Sounds like you contacted their protection plan. Ashley Customer service doesn't have you fill out paper work.

They usually ask for pictures but that's it. If you purchased from a corporate owned store you can call their customer service which is located on your warranty booklet.

Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #943446

Unfortunately, I agree with the last user. $1500 for a sofa and loveseat....no way that's real leather.

You get what you pay for. I have worked in the furniture industry before...and, although, I have always been up front and honest about the quality of the products I sold, some sales people will not be (they work on commission....another important thing to remember when you are shopping-respect them!!) But, the biggest piece of advice I can give to anyone looking for leather....make sure it is 100% top grain leather. I could name multiple stores that sell "bonded or blended" leather as real leather....it is not! You have to ask specific questions to get specific answers.

"Bonded/blended" leather are man made materials, made from recycled cow hide, and other things (polyurethane, etc) that are then applied, "bonded", to a backing. The usual life expectancy of these items is 3-5 years. With very heavy use, you would be lucky to get 2 years. Bonded leather is not that much less expensive than top grain leather.....don't be cheap-get the real stuff!

Before I worked in this industry, I would have thought that was expensive furniture, too...however, now, I know. The cheapest top grain leather sofa we sold was $1459 (for a grade one, not full analine dye). We sold our best quality leather (group 8) for easily $3000 per sofa. I have seen other posts of someone stating they bought a 6 piece bedroom set for $3000 or $4000-hate to say it, but that's pretty cheap for 6 pieces.

You should expect to pay closer to $5000 or $6000 if you want a solid wood set that will last a lifetime. In the long run, you spend more, but you get more. I encourage people to ask questions and to realize quality.

You have to pay for quality.

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