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Purchased a couch with a 5 yr platinum protection plan! Was told everything was covered except anything from animals!

Payed $150 for this so called plan and I'm two years into it and they will not help me with any of the multiple issues(none are from animals) with the couch! I asked them what do they cover and she continued to list things that were not told to me from the beginning! I payed $1300 for this couch I should at least get four to five years out of it not two!

They could care less!! NEVER AGAIN WITH ASHLEY FURNITURE!!!!!

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Same happened to me!!!!!!!!!!


I have the same experience. Horrible. No service and neither am I getting money back.


Man! this post is Spot on.

I bought the same coverage, 1 year from the purchase date, I put in a claim and was told that the couch was dirty and therefore not covered. Seriously? the "Consumer Advocate Manager - Maria" was rude and clearly helps run the scam from the customer care side.

Never again will they (Ashley or Platinum Warranty) get a moment of my time, let alone my money. Trash product, trash service.


This happened to me several years ago with my Ashley Furniture couch. We had a tear in one of the pillows, but because the inspector determined that the couch was "dirty" he said we would have to get it professionally cleaned before it was covered. It wasn't dirty btw.


STAY AWAY FROM PLATNIMUM WARRANTY PLAN!!! It’s a scam, they tell you everything is covered when you purchase the furniture, to find out that it is NOT!!!

I asked if pet damage was covered, and they said absolutely, no worries, blah blah blah, It was nonsense just because they wanted to sell that warranty to you. Never again, lesson learned.

Also, when I called Platnimum Warranty and sent pictures, boost responded! I had to call them back a week and a half later, bad business!


Same, this warranty is horrible. I had an obvious claim that would fall under the guidelines of approved issues and it was denied.

On top of that, they never called to tell me that was the issue and my guess is that was done on purpose to allow time to elapse past the required 30 days to report issue. Thankfully I didn't pay for this extended warranty and they gave it to me for free, because this is literally a waste and just paper clutter.


Same here! Avoid Ashley furniture! They kept me on hold for an hour today claiming they were getting a manager to hear my issue


To whom it may concern,

We bought a $1400 sectional from Ashley's furniture back in 2014 along with the 5 year platinum protection plan. Around April-May of 2016 we started a claim from tears our son placed in the couch, at the time we were in the process of purchasing a home and explained to the woman creating the claim that we would complete the claim once we were settled in our new home.

Since then the motor mechanism for the recliners stopped working and we acquired a few more tears. We called your company again, to make a new claim and complete the one we started. They asked us to email pictures, we did, and we were told since the first claim was passed 30 days they were in unable to handle the original tear or any additional tears made after and that the technicians would also refuse to fix the motors due to a liability issue from the tears.

This was never explained when we first decided to wait to complete the original claim.

Now we're expected to pay to fix the tears ourself before they will fix our recliners. Warranty tech said they will send the parts for the motors but an actual technicians will be unable to instal. I spoke to the manager Krystal, badge #9150, who was suppose to call with in 48 hours. I had to call myself several times before I was able to get in touch with her.

She didn't provide nothing more than an attitude and suggestions for us to pay for the rips our selves. She even implied that we may have deliberately done the tears on our own, but they have no way of knowing that's why claims should be submitted within 30 days.

I asked her to look for the record conversations I had with the original claim so they can see nothing about this 30 day policy was ever explained, and she said I'd had to wait 48hours. Finally we just decided to get refund because this warranty is a HUGE RIP OFF WITH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE, and they said they could only give me a prorated amount. $184 of the $350 we spent, possibly not get the motors, and were still stuck with the tears.

Not to mention we would also have to figure out how to instal the motors ourselves if they do ship them.

When I asked for a supervisors name or contact info, Krystal said she's not able to do that either. I could only send an email complaint and that someone will get back to me when they can.



Same thing happened to me I spent $7500 on furniture August 2016 by September of 2016 the dining table was full of scratches! they didn't want to warrant the protection plan saying that I damaged the dining table on multiple occasions!

After deputing with them for months, they finally agreed to send at tech out to "repair the table" how do you do that is beyond me. nevertheless I waited a month for an appointment, waited all day and they never showed!


So what exactly are your multiple issues?


Same thing happened to me about 8 years ago with Ashley...after spending about $1700 on a living room set, the ottoman wood frame broke after only 1 year, and I went through the same rigmarole, they wouldn't cover it, even though I spent about $150 on the "extended warranty." I will never buy from them again, and subsequently, this was the third "extended warranty/protection plan" rip-off I went through, but with other products/companies...needless to say, I don't purchase them anymore, because so far, I see they are only scams, even when they list that 'everything is covered,' with obvious exceptions, they still won't cover it.

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