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I'm a shift worker, with days off on odd days of the week. When the Ashley representative called and arranged to come by yesterday (Tuesday, the 5th of February) I said sure because it was a normal day off for me. But if I'd worked overtime, it was counted as a double-time day! 2 days wages for 1 day of work!

Sure enough, my company contacted me Monday to work Tuesday, but I had to turn it down because the rep said he would be here "between 10 and 1."

And he failed to show at all! I called Ashley this morning and told them what happened. They said they would try to get hold of the rep. Then I told them to check out this website, adding that the common thread (even with the complaints about the furniture itself) was poor customer service.

When I returned home this afternoon I had a response from the rep on my answering machine stating based on my description of the damage he went ahead and put in an order for a replacement and Ashley would be contacting me regarding a delivery date. He went on to apologize for missing the appointment, and that my paperwork had gotten mixed up with some other stuff on his desk.

Dandy. It took them two and a half months to deliver the original, no telling how long to deliver the new one. And yesterday I was reading their warranty (while waiting uselessly) and the warranty starts from the date of purchase of the original item. Not from the date of delivery, certainly not the date of replacement.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Delivery Service.

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