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We purchased a new leather sofa (powered leg lift) and love seat from Ashly in November of 2011. Upon delivery we noticed a tear in the cover and several other problems.

Within a few weeks someone from Ashly came to our house and they replaced the cover and temporarily repaired the problems. After two months we were still dissatified with the love seat and sofa. They were hard and uncomfortable to sit or lay down on. We went back to Ashly tried out the sofa and loveseat on display and they were fine.

We talked to the manager and told him our concerns and his only suggestion was to have our grandchildren comeover and jump on the sofa and loveseat. We asked how long it would take to break it in and said he didnot know, it all depends.

Two of the problems the repairman fixed was there was a large gap between the seats on the sofa but after two months the gap is back and the furniture is not getting any softer or comfortable to sit down on. In addition, the leg rest on the love seat cathes the seat cushion which was repaired but now it is doing it again.

In the past we have purchased furniture from Kittles and Godby and when we were dissatified with something they were there to correct the problem to our satisfaction and not just send us away with I don't know how to fix it or just give it time.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Sofa.

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If you were always happy with Kittles and Godby, why go anywhere else to begin with? :x


It's called bait and switch. It's the oldest *** in the book and Ashley has been getting away with it for some time, and for some reason are being allowed to get away with it.

This is why you can not buy anything out of their showroom. The furniture in their showroom isn't even close to the junk they will ship you.

The owners of Ashleys are the lowest of the low. How they sleep at night is a mystery.

They took me for over 8k. It's a shame, because they are driving decent companies like sofa express into Bankruptcy.

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