I purchased a 3 piece sectional along with ottoman 11/20. I never really sat in my livingroom because I'm always busy, so my time is spent in the kitchen, bedroom, and laundry room.

Christmas Eve I had a few family members over and my cousin decided to stay the night. She woke up with hives and itching all over! I didn't know what happened and I felt bad because she looked awful. She thought that maybe something but her, do you know how embarrassing that was?

Even though I knew my home didn't have any type of bugs, I was now questioning myself! I checked the chairs and even though I saw nothing I vacuumed the chairs and sprayed them with lysol. Holidays are over and I now have time to sit down, finally! I have this beautiful new livingroom furniture that I hadn't taken the time to enjoy.

I decide to find a good movie and kick back and then BOOM, an instant itch attack! The only time I itch is if I sit on those chairs. If I stay clear of the chairs I won't itch but if I sit for even five minutes, I itch for the rest of the day.

I feel like my hard earned money was wasted. I'm the only person in my house, who can't enjoy themselves in the livingroom

User's recommendation: Do not purchase Ashely furniture!

Location: Lugoff, South Carolina

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