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I purchased PKGD668-RET4 with two extra chairs D668-01 (over $2000 worth)and would like to know how I can reinforce the seats on my chairs? I would think after spending $150 per chair that they would hold up better than they are. I was not enthused to shop at Ashley but my wife likes it so we purchased what we needed. I find that for the price their furniture is made very poor. For the same price, I looked around and found that J C Penny's is a better deal by far, stronger and close in price.

Thank you,

Dr Greg

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:grin jcpenny sells ashley furniture with their name brand smaller companies, its all of last season's models and discontinued items that didnt sell. dumb ***. :cry


$150 for a chair is cheap for real furniture that is built to last......which Ashley is not. Do some market research BEFORE you buy.......Remember, we all get what we pay for

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