Bridgeton, New Jersey

After ordering $2500.00 in furniture, I waited about two weeks and never had a call to inform me on a delivery date! I call salesperson and she proceeds to tell me she has no idea when to expect the shipment.

She said she would try to find out something but I would receive a call when it arrives at the transfer warehouse. 2 weeks later still no call! I called the showroom and I was told around 5 weeks after the order was placed I should here something. Now I expressed my anger, the company has my money but noone can tell me anything!

8 weeks after I paid they finally call to give me a delivery date. One hour before delivery the call to let me know the dining room table I will receive is just a "loaner table" but they will get back with me when they can deliver a replacement that is not damaged. The delivery guys show up (before the time I was told) it's rainy day, walk in my house and across my white carpet with mud all over their shoes. Couch shoes up and looks like my 7 year old did the stitching on the leather.

Large round living room chair is leather around some boards absolutely no padding..I tell them to put the piece of %&*$ back on their truck. A week later they cannot tell me when I will receive the new chair and noone wants to talk about giving me my money back!

The saga continues! Take my advice DO NOT spend your money or time dealing with this company!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Table.

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I maintain myself neutral... I've had bad experiences and good with diff.

companies, Ashley in particular, no problems so far. The one thing all these complainers are failing to do is to mention what CITY and STATE this happened. Not a lot of people know, but all Ashleys are FRANCHISES, which means, they are independently owned and operated. Mr.

John Doe can open up his own store in Little Ville, USA.. he can totally suck and kill his clients, but it should not reflect on the rest of the stores.. I really don't think is fair for these bad experiences to be targeted at the Ashley name. The damaged could've happened while this Ashley owner transported it to his warehouse, once it leave Ashley Industries' warehouse, everything could happen.

The store in my town has ZERO cancellation policy and ZERO charge to return merchandise. Don't badger the name Ashley, Badger the store you purchased at. Before I purchase anywhere, i check Better Business Bureau...

I just checked and Ashley holds an A+ rating, not a lot of companies can achieve that rating. think!


Getting married, furnishing new house. Thank you for stearing me clear of Ashley.

Thought they were a scam and this proves it.

Like a coin store with no coins. a furniture store with no, little if any quality.


Take it from me. Ashley furniture is the worst.

One year after owning my leather couches from them the material started to come loose. I called and called and no one was willing to help. I was actaully on hold so long one time that I drove down there, 45 minutes away, while still on hold and confronted them. The manager was just sitting on a couch talking to one of her sales staff.

These people are extremely rude and could care less about you.

Stay away from them. :(


Please contact, I would like to further research your file to determine what course of action shoule be taken to alleviate your concenrs.

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