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I don't even know where to start. We bought several items on 3/19/11 after getting home I looked at the invoice and noticed that they had the wrong name, address and phone number.

The phone number I gave them is the only one to get a hold of me so had I not called I guess the furniture would have gone to another city and to another person. We got that straightened out and then when it was finally delivered it was the wrong items. I was treated very rudely by a young girl who was the "manager" named Brittany. I was told there was nothing she could do.

I finally got to the higher up manager after driving 30 minutes to the store on a Friday night. Her name was Lynn Lund and she was great. She was respectful and said she would address the issue with the employee and we ended up getting 2 more chairs and agreeing to wait yet another few weeks. We got a refund on the items that were wrong (lamps) We waited another month for the 3 chairs (we were shorted 1 on the first delivery) I got a call yesterday saying that they would be at my home between 1 and 4 o'clock I had to take a vacation day from work which was fine except they never showed up.

I called Lynn and she called me back and told me that she had emailed the owner and that the store had been trying to contact the driver since 1 o'clock and he would not answer or call them back. This is literally the 7th or 8th problem for 1 order. If my life depended on it I would not EVER buy from them again. I am absolutely shocked.

Lynn said to me all she could do was be honest and said she was at a loss just like me. She has been very helpful but when we have spent over $1300 and been through all of this it is not acceptable! I have been angry at businesses before but never to the point where I filed a claim with the BBB. I just don't understand.

The delivery guys just now showed up at 9pm and when we asked why they could not return the manager's calls or give us the courtesy of a phone call their exact words were "It is not our problem" My hands are shaking and my blood pressure is at stroke level. We called Lynn back and she was appalled when we put her on speaker phone to hear them screaming at us in our own home.

I have all invoice numbers, truck numbers and names. I am EXTREMELY upset!

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After reading all the negative reviews...I will never buy Ashley. I bought end tables 15 yrs. ago by Ashley and was satisfied, but apparently their product has gone down.

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