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We went to Ashley Furniture at Golden Ring store outside Baltimore. We liked the furniture and were interested in purchasing. The salesman said that he was from "out of town" and that he would only be there a day or two and that we should take advantage of the sale that he offered. We took it, put $100.00 down first day and paid the rest by the end of the next day, that was the end of March. We paid off the furniture in cash, that way there would be no holdups or delays in the start of manufacture.

Someone called us a day or so later and told us that our "delivery date" was May 23rd. So....I took off that day, rearranged my schedule and what not. At 9am on the 23rd, I called the store and asked if by chance they could tell me about what time they may be delivering. Well, I was told that they had no idea as to the time considering that that did not have my furniture! WHAT?!? I was told that "the 23rd" was an estimated delivery date, that they actually can not determine a delivery date until they actually receive the furniture in. I was told that they are due a delivery on Monday (Memorial Day), May 30th. Who the *** is delivering on Memorial Day? THEN... I was told that they do NOT even know "if" my furniture is in that "so-called" delivery.

Since I was told that my furniture was to be "delivered" on the 23rd, we had all the "old" furniture removed over the weekend. that I have a houseful of guest coming for Memorial Day, I have no place to seat them. I have to rent folding chairs just so my guest can sit!

So, although the furniture and/or the price may look good, DO NOT SHOP AT ASHLEY FURNITURE!

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:( agree with you. i have had similar problem.

I was told the delivery will be on may 13th between 11-3 so i adjusted my schedule accordingly.

At 3 i called delivery service, they were nasty. Ashley store was good but there delivery system is f***ed up.

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