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Ashley furniture advertises that their furniture is made in USA.This is not true.

In fact their furniture is made in China then shipped to USA. Shipped to a warehouse then assembled. But the woods, and fabrics are from China not USA. This furniture is made so poorly.Staples sticking out, glue ozzing out.

Legs snapping off.You could not give me this furniture for free. The company should be ashamed of them selfs. The company also treats there employees like ***. I had a friend that worked for the company at a store level.This person worked hard,worked over time when needed, never late, never written up.

Never a Thank you, a bonis or even a raise after being employeed for nearly 3 years.This person could not take the negitave admisfier and left.

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Haslet, Texas, United States #783493

I was lied too by ashley furniture & they will here about it tomorrow.I was told that their furniture was made in Wisconsin.

This was a bold face lie & I will be contacting the BBB about truth in advertising.

I made a 80 mile round trip to pick up this furniture and when I got it back home, there it was in big bold letters as if they were proud of it "Made In China".This is unacceptable, I'm an American Veteran & I support American Companies & I will use every means possible to let people know that these people are liars & crooks!


I am glad to see that you are checking to see where your furniture is made and searching for USA products.It is my goal to buy as frequently as possible from USA companies.

The deception with Ashley Furniture is they ARE an American based company and started out many years ago buying and selling USA products but now their largest manufacturing companies are in the Pacific Rim - China.

I am also looking for USA made furniture and have found that the Furniture Mart stores in New Orleans, LA have a large selection of furniture that was made in Pontotoc, MS.I will be making most of my furniture purchases from them for now.

Irvine, California, United States #688832


San Francisco, California, United States #678685

I bought an Ashley bed.Huge queen four post.

And it was ok for a little bit. Then it all went down hill.. The brackets stripped themselves out... Though the rails still "hang" on the foot and headboard, the whole bed rocks, the posts look like fancy wood but they screw onto the head and foot boards, wood was weak.

Barely taught and they still stripped out... CAlled the concord store, and lazy Robert ( bob) couldn't order brackets without me bringing in a picture... When they stated they could order them from an emailed picture.. I can take dimensions if need be but they don't even know their products..

The corporate office is just a big of a joke..

They are all idiots and their furniture is infant manufactured in china and shipped over for assembly.will never by this cheap overpriced *** again.Spread the word.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada #585259

I went into a furniture store to buy a sofa & coffee tables..I always ask where it is made, I will not buy from China..was about to buy an Ashley coffee table & end tables at a big price tag,,,when I ask where is it manufactured, now I know Ashley is an American company, but I found out alot of their products are manufactured in China.SO needless to say I walked away without buying the product!!!There is no way I am helping to power a Communist country with Nuclear capacity with no regard for human rights!

A country that supports leadership in countries like Syria & North Korea. China is fast becoming a super power because we are supporting their economy by buying their products!! I do believe there is alot of potential for trouble in the future with China.

There is NO WAY I am supporting that country with my hard earned dollars!!!!!


My bed arrived with splinteted wood and bent drawer rails and rather than simply re-order the broken pieces, I have to wait until Monday to schedule an appointment with a technician so they can tell me my bed is broken. Never shopping there again!


Did you know that Rick Gorka is the Quality Ops director for thsi company and that he is also Mitt Romney's campaign skokesperson? Yeah, the same guy who told the reporters in Poland durning a Rmoney visit to "shove it".


I purchased a trundle bed for my granddaughter.I was shocked by the quality.

It didn't fit together correctly and the support for the main bed was 5 one inch slats.

One jump on the bed and it would break.We had to build our own support


I purchased a trundle bed for my granddaughter.I was shocked by the quality.

It didn't fit together correctly and the support for the main bed was 5 one inch slats.

One jump on the bed and it would break.We had to build our own support


You guys must be morons if you think big corporations make there product in the US. A lot of the items are assembled here.

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