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All you customers experiencing problems with the ashley furniture store locations in SC can stop pointing fingers at store employees. We are all out of a job now.

Something we weren't told until yesterday. We found out at the same time as you that the stores were closed. Please direct all complaints, rants, and persecutions towards the people responsible. Baker Group International, run and operarted by Corey Baker.

He was the owner of the particular locations I mention above. I hope you will take this into consideration. It sucks for everyone involved.

We are not the enemy or Ashley Furniture.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ashley Furniture Owner.

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To Bullwinke-

Be careful with who you choose allign yourself with. You wouldnt want to end up on the wrong side of things.

Just remember what goes around comes around.

More people have suffered at the hands Baker than will ever suffer from a comment on an internet board. I assure you Baker has been called worse than "liar".


To bullwinkle,

Nice way to CYA, but ANYONE who tries to persue anything of slander and liability needs to carefully consider. I don"t know of ANY emplyee OR consumer who wouldn't take the stand AGAINST Corey Baker for theft and lies.

BUT I guess they would have to wait for their place in line along with ALL of the creditors and banks and EVERYONE who he owes his money to.

Sad, Sad, Sad.


Big Bank,

Be careful who you call and liar and a cheat....liable laws still apply, even on the internet




I am a former employee of the store in Harbison. I managed 2 of their stores including the Knoxville, TN location. I will say I have never seen a bigger bunch of hipocrits in my life!!! They preached god and took advantage of playing on the heartstrings of the community. Baker and his bully senior management staff lie to their customers, employees, and frankly to themselves. My wife spotted it from the beginning and said they were full of sh+t! Unfortunately, I was starry eyed and very optimistic in my first career opportunnity. I eventually had enough and did end up leaving and now work for a MUCH better company. I got tired of Baker and his goons trying to make me lie to people, I just didnt have a good feeling when I came home everyday. I was miserable.

I will say this, Cory Baker (owner) is a liar. He preaches integrity and has none. He told us all god wanted him to open up 8 furniture stores. Then in a very moving speech told us that god told him it was ok to open the stores on Sundays(i hope you can sense the sarcasm). I guess so he can steal money and lie to people 7 days a week versus 6!?!?! He has been running his business of lies since day one and is now probably a very very rich man with all of his (customers) money sitting somewhere in an off shore bank account.

After I resigned, I was told I would still be insured for another month.. because you pay in advance. I got a letter 9 days later from my provider stating that my insurance was cancelled. When I called the HR dept they had no answers.

I moved on 18 mos ago but saw the writing on the wall months before it hit the fan. I could have told anyone that he was going to go out of business and take everyone's money with him. He has probably been planning this for a very long time!!

He is a piece of garbage and I hope the cops get involved and arrest him!!

On behalf of Ashley manufacturer- it is difficult for consumers to fully understand the the liscencee agreement they have with their HomeStore liscencees. Ashley is in no way tied to the owners of the stores nor can they tell them how to run their businesses or treat customers. The liscencee agreement is the only way Ashley could have catapulted themselves to the top of the industry in the time they have done so. So really the only way Ashley is affiliated with the stores is by allowing owners sell Ashley furniture to put the Ashley brand on the front of their retail stores. The system works great but is flawed if you have a *** business owner. Ashley the manufacturer is a good company and unfortunately has egg on their face due to some dishonest business owners.

I feel terrible for all of you who still have missing money/furniture out there. Ashley the manufacturer is probably very embarrassed. I assure you that Baker likely owes Ashley the manufacturer more money than every customer in every state combined. He has everyone's money!!!


If you worked for these folks I am glad you are unemployed because anyone with a conscious couldnt work for people who treat their customers this way. Its plain and obvious to any honest person that this company is shady I can guarantee I wont get my refund but at the least my visa company will give it back to me I would be willing to bet in the next two weeks this tennessee store will go out of business too and all the people they ripped off will be out their hard earned money. Work for a company with integrity and who cares about their customers like American Signature furniture this is who we went to after Ashley they were a pleasure by comparison

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