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We purchased a leather sofa and love seat from Ashley Furniture,Springdale, OH in November 2008.I have paid around $1000 for these.It has not been 3 years since our purchase and the leather has started peeling off.

We called up the customer service and were told that the warranty has expired and hence they cannot do anything about it.They told that I need to get it repaired at my own cost. When we bought the furniture, we selected Ashley because they claim to have excellent quality.

They were not even bothered about getting it repaired even when I told that I would take care of the repair costs.I must say that their quality is worse and I would not recommend anyone to buy furniture from their store.I have never seen a good quality leather sofa getting ripped off within 3 years of purchase.It is really frustrating!

Review about: Ashley Furniture Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $938.


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I have a Couch and a massage love seat, it's peeling and it's all over the house.I bought my from Jargons Furniture in NJ.

I got a message from The owner said if anybody takes blood pressure medicine make it peel. They didn't ask that question when I bought just told me it wears like Leather This is Bull. Goggle DuraBlend and you will find how long they have knowed about this problem and continue to sell.

Where is our consumer help.Beware of DuraBlend

Los Angeles, California, United States #1350241

My fake leather is peeling off in three months March to June 2017. Worse company EVER!!!

Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #1342939

You bought a "leather" sofa and love seat for 1000.00!!First sign of a scam there.

You bought bonded leather, may as well buy vinyl. Go to a reputable family owned furniture store next time. and expect to pay around 4 g's for a real leather sofa and love seat. You've no right to complain.

You bought ***!

It's going to hold up like what it is..A hot steamy pile of ***!

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #1341685

I've only had My 100 % Leather recliner for a few months, and it's peeling really bad!!

to Anonymous Los Angeles, California, United States #1350240

Ashley furniture is the worse company in this world to buy anything

Lincoln, Alabama, United States #1329202

I've ever heard a good word about Ashley. My son bought two matching sofas and in three years they were ready for the trash heap.

Nashua, New Hampshire, United States #1319757

Ashley is low quality, some things are ok but most of it won't last very long

Orlando, Florida, United States #1288496

The same thing happened to me.Mine started peeling after two years and they would not honor the warranty.

We bought a couch cover but the couch is still peeling.Ashley Furniture sucks.

Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, United States #1259337

I went through a similar issue.I was told it was real leather but it turned out to be faux and it peeled and would get all over your back.

I decided I will never buy Ashley furniture again.I couldn't even get it repaired.

Davenport, Iowa, United States #1247005

I also purchased a dura-blend leather couch from Ashley in October 2015.The sales associated was very convincing when explaining to me that the sectional that I was purchasing was one of the most durable on the market.

It was not even a year before the seat cushion leather started to tear. I was told by the store that the cushions were covered under warranty but upon numerous times of calling customer service, I just got the run-a-round. When I finally got a return call from Ashley, I was informed that the year warranty had expired. Keep in mind that I called about the matter 3 weeks before the year warranty was up and Ashley gave me the run-a-round the entire time.

They called with a final solution, 3 days after the warranty had expired.

They didn't even offer a suggestion on how I could find replacements or anything.I am still baffled over the ordeal.

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